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Does ‘careers’ have kudos in your school?

Did you know that only 8% of schools have a systematic approach to integrating careers into the curriculum? Similarly, the majority of schools haven’t appointed an individual with overall accountability and leadership of a whole-school strategy. So, if you don’t think careers has kudos in your school, you’re with the majority. If you’re interested in changing this, keep reading to find out about our amazing 18-month (free!) Careers & Employability Leadership Programme which is now open for applications.

There are so many key players in the careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) arena, all with very important roles to play – from professional careers advisers, to post-secondary providers, employers, government, parents, alumni, wider specialists, Ofsted; the list continues. But ultimately it’s schools themselves which have the statutory duty and, ultimately, responsibility for getting this right.

There are a handful of key issues for me around careers & employability learning in schools, though: consistency, capability and kudos (or accountability). For any lasting systemic solution to work, there has got to be someone who sits in the middle of all of the above stakeholders, who is well placed to ensure smooth integration, who is well recognised and who is also, critically, directly able to influence pupils’ skills and decisions.

However, while there are many initiatives in the careers and employability space, there is a lack of focus on the distinct role that teachers can play and on the guidance and training required to allow them to take on this role most effectively. We believe Teach First is ideally placed to address this issue, though of course with the important recognition that we can’t (and won’t try to) do it alone.

As part of our expanding work around employability our Careers & Employability LeadershipProgramme (CELP) is an 18-month programme of intensive support to enable selected teachers to develop, lead, embed and evaluate a truly whole-school careers and employability strategy.

The teachers that took part in this year’s CELP are our best advocates: 

"I feel like I have so much more expertise and can truly champion this area. I have developed a network of support and can share best practice and ideas. It’s the BEST CPD on careers you can get!" – Ally Eynon, Assistant Principal – Oasis Academy Brightstone, CELP 2015-16 participant & '03 ambassador

“This programme has the ability to transform your school." – Tim Dixon, Deputy of Post 16 - Greenford High School, CELP 2015-16 participant

Alongside capacity and capability building, this is about real culture change. I’m proud to be leading this work, to be part of the learning journey and to have the opportunity to work alongside people like Ally, Tim and people like you. So thank you.

If you’d like to be part of the CELP and transform your schools approach to careers and employability, we are currently accepting applications from Teach First eligible schools in the East Midlands, South and West London and the South East/South Coast. More details can be found here or by emailing access@teachfirst.org.uk.