Academic Mentoring Programme: Joining the Training Programme

Information for candidates about joining the Training Programme after completing the Academic Mentoring Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I hold an offer for the Training Programme, will I be able to leave my contract early for Summer Institute?

All trainees on the Training Programme are required to attend Summer Institute from 21 June. This means you’ll need to finish your employment as an academic mentor at your school on Friday 18 June. Your school will be sent an email advising them that you have been accepted on to the Training Programme and notified that they will need to amend your contract and HR/payroll systems to reflect this earlier finish date. 

Can I work as an academic mentor whilst doing the Summer Institute?

As the Summer Institute is a full-time commitment, working alongside it won’t be possible. Although it offers much-needed flexibility with other commitments, such as childcare, it’s a five-week training full-time training course. Therefore, you shouldn’t be working full-time alongside it. 

For more information on the Academic Mentoring Programme, return to the directory.

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