Completing the Situational Judgement Test

Applying to be a Teach First trainee? Find out what will be expected of you when you complete the situational judgement test during the application process.

Within the application form, you will be asked to complete a Situational Judgement Test. This has been designed to give you a preview of life as a Teach First trainee. It will present you with scenarios that teachers encounter and potential responses to these. 

You don’t need any prior knowledge of teaching to complete the test. We’re looking to understand how you would typically respond to each scenario. For each question you will need to analyse the situation and weigh up the appropriateness of each suggested response.

It’s not possible to prepare for the test; just choose your response based on the information provided. There isn’t only one right way to respond – we are not looking for one particular type of person. What makes schools work are the different teachers and variety of approaches. The best advice we can give is to be yourself and be honest.

It is not a timed test but you will need to complete it in one sitting. Take time to read and fully understand each scenario and the possible responses.

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