Coronavirus (COVID-19) – information for Careers Leader members

We know right now you will be focused on supporting your pupils and school through this difficult time.

That is the right priority. Thank-you for all you’re doing.

We will continue to accept new applications for the Careers Leader programme. If you’re already enrolled, rest assured that the programme will continue. But we’re making some changes to stay in line with the latest advice and keep you supported through this challenging time.

We will reschedule all module face-to-face events. Where possible, the topics covered will be rescheduled and delivered virtually after Easter.

We will continue to work with you one-to-one to develop your careers strategy – but these meetings will be conducted via phone or video link. We’ll work with you to make sure we support you in a way that is most helpful for you.

We have been proactively preparing to deliver our support remotely. After the Easter break, we will be moving our programmes online, with content and curriculums designed specifically to support high quality learning through digital tools. We’ll plan these so they work for the new arrangements you will inevitably be working in and so you can take part in learning from a location that works for you.

This is an interim arrangement until further notice, and we’ll keep you updated as the situation develops. We’re sorry for the disruption but are confident we’ll be able to keep supporting you through our new approach.  We’re determined to be there for you in this difficult time.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks with further details.

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