Teach First

Join our Leadership Development Programme

Join our Leadership Development Programme

Every child should have equal opportunities in education and in life.

We believe it will take a movement of leaders across society who are committed to ending educational inequality to make this vision a reality.

Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines teacher training and a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education (worth twice the credits of a PGCE) with one-to-one coaching, enabling you to develop the skills and qualities to be a leader in the classroom and beyond.

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Our participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have different plans for the future.
But all have one thing in common: a commitment to help us eradicate the link between parental income and educational success.

Over 10,000 people have joined the LDP so far, here are some of their stories:


Charlie Kennard

Taught: History, West Midlands
Now: Principal, East London Academy of Music

“I tagged along with a friend to a Teach First presentation and came out blown away by the idea.”


Soo Mi Do

Taught: Maths, London
Now: Senior Associate, PwC

“Teach First gave me a lot of the skills and experiences that I draw on during my daily work, particularly around being level-headed and calm under pressure.”


Dominic Baker

Taught: Science, London
Now: CEO and founder of Future Frontiers social enterprise

“I turned the insight I gained as a teacher into something that is already making a real difference.”