Teach First

Accenture – providing support and expertise to us, our participants and their pupils

Our supporters are among the leaders in their respective industries, and have expertise and experience that are very valuable to the pupils we work with. Because of their backgrounds, these young people lack opportunities to learn from adults who work in fields that they may aspire towards.

This is why Accenture has developed a unique partnership with us, as our sole technology, management, digital and strategy consulting partner, to not only support us in recruiting and training teachers to work in schools that serve low-income communities, but also to use its expertise to improve our recruitment processes and to help expand the horizons of pupils in our partner schools.

Since 2007, Accenture has helped us recruit and train over 140 teachers, who have had a combined impact on the lives of 21,000 young people. Furthermore, by collaborating with us directly on campus recruitment efforts, the consulting firm is helping us raise awareness of our programme amongst undergraduates and postgraduates, while also helping us reach a more diverse group of potential recruits.

But Accenture hasn’t stopped there – it hosted two Career Insight Days last year alone. These events brought groups of students from our partner schools who had expressed an interest in consulting as a career into its London offices, to spend a day meeting Accenture employees and learning about what the company looks for in prospective employees.

Accenture employees also work directly with our trainee teachers and pupils in our partner schools. Mark Bretton, a Managing Director within the firm, taught a Year 11 Economics lesson at Kingsmead School in Enfield, as part of our Guest Teacher Programme, while 15 Accenture employees have volunteered for our Coaching Programme, to provide mentoring and support to our trainee teachers.

The company is also home to an active community of Teach First ambassadors — alumni of our programme — who continue to support our work by providing workshops aimed at improving pupils’ employability skills and confidence.

In December 2014 the Accenture network organised a day of employability sessions for 273 Year 10 pupils at Little Ilford School in East London. They mobilised 26 volunteers from across the business to deliver workshops on CV-writing, interview skills and completing application forms. Pupils were enthusiastic about their experience, with one pupil stating "The guests were amazing, and I really enjoyed the work set for us!" and another, "I’ve learnt so many new skills which have prepared me for my future career and the world of work." A number of pupils from our partner schools also take on work experience placements at the firm each year.