Teach First

BBC Three documentary ‘Tough Young Teachers’ to air in the New Year

Over the past year Victory Television has been working on a BBC Three documentary which follows the journey of six new Teach First teachers as they understand what it means to be responsible for a classroom of young people.

Filmed in three London schools, the six-part series provides a unique insight into the critical role new and established teachers play in ensuring children from low income communities get a fair education. 

In the UK, despite having some of the world’s best schools, colleges and universities, if you’re born into a low income community, you’re still more likely to get lower grades, earn less and die younger. There are tens of thousands of teachers working hard to narrow this gap, but the reality of the frontline challenge is often shielded from the public.

We hope that the series will generate debate and discussion about educational inequality and highlight the inspiring work of all teachers who support young people to realise their ambitions, often in very challenging circumstances.

Our priority was to work respectfully and responsibly, especially with pupils and their families, and ensure that what's a small snapshot of a national problem encourages more people to understand and take action.

The first episode of Tough Young Teachers will air on BBC Three on 9 January 2014