Teach First

Clifford Chance – guiding and supporting us from our foundation

Clifford Chance has been an instrumental part of our journey from the very beginning – in 2002, the year of our founding, the law firm allowed us to use space in its offices to overcome a lack of capacity in our own premises.

That initial operational support has set the tone for the contribution that Clifford Chance makes to our mission right to this day, by helping us with the critical but unglamorous day-to-day processes that allow us to provide the greatest possible support to disadvantaged young people all over England and Wales.

Over the years, the law firm has provided us with a huge amount of pro bono advice, supporting us with important governance issues, guiding the development of our recruitment processes and helping us formulate contracts with organisations that support us in delivering our Leadership Development Programme.

In 2013 we launched an innovative partnership with Clifford Chance, which saw the firm committing to helping us deliver our new ten year strategy through to 2022, and achieve the Fair Education Impact Goals.

One of the early landmarks in this new partnership saw Nisha Shah, one of the firm’s corporate lawyers, joining us on a two-month secondment to help with a diverse range of critical projects, including augmenting the capacity of our Legal, Governance and Compliance team. Nisha took on this role as part of a group of solicitors within the firm, led by Partner Rob Crothers, who are committed to helping us achieve our mission.

Clifford Chance employees have played direct roles in other ways, too, by signing up for our flagship volunteering programme, Teach First Coaching, which sees them paired up with one of our participants to provide professional coaching.

Each of our supporters brings something unique to their partnership with us, and with Clifford Chance this is particularly valuable. Without their support, we would have been unable to maintain our growth as a charity and in terms of our recruitment numbers, which have allowed our teachers to reach over a million pupils since 2002. Clifford Chance’s expertise will be crucial towards supporting the next million.