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Five things you should know about GDPR

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Five things you should know about GDPR

Many of you would have heard about GDPR – you’ve probably been contacted about it, or seen the term in the news – it stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It’s an important change to privacy law that protects your right to control how your personal data is used. Here are five things that are worth knowing about the law and your rights:
You have control of your personal data

The purpose of GDPR is to give you greater control and transparency over how your personal data is used. This has wide implications – it changes how companies can store and share your data, for example, and it also restricts their ability to contact you, especially with marketing and promotions. If you're in touch with Teach First we want you to have full control over what you hear from us and how we contact you. We've made changes to our systems to ensure that we only send you communications that you want to receive.

GDPR is designed for a networked world

The last major change to UK privacy law came into force in 2000, in the early days of the internet and social networks. Organisations today collect unprecedented amounts of personal data and use it in new ways, often automated and free of human intervention. GDPR is designed to protect your rights in the current information landscape.

Your data will be better protected

GDPR requires all organisations that store personal data to follow strict processes to ensure it stays secure and private. 

The penalties are significant

GDPR is enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which can levy fines of up to €20 million, or four per cent of a firm’s global turnover, whichever is greater. 

You should be in the know about your data

You have a right under the law to be informed about how organisations are storing and using your data. Everything about our use of your personal data can be found in our privacy and cookies policy.

Your data is safe with us

  • We use your personal data to provide you with a better experience, which includes tailoring what we communicate to you to ensure it’s interesting and useful
  • We are committed to protecting your rights and will always use your personal data lawfully and fairly, in accordance with all regulatory requirements
  • We will never sell your personal data, and will only share it with third parties when this is necessary to deliver a service that you have actively agreed to. In these situations we will share no more data than is needed to deliver the service

Your rights are extremely important to us. Look at our privacy statement and privacy and cookies policy if you’d like to learn how we use your personal data. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t covered in either of those documents, please get in touch.

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