Teach First

The Lone Pine Foundation: Helping Teach First to Grow

We were founded in 2002, with a team of 11 committed employees, recruiting our first cohort of 186 participants to teach and train in London schools. Today, we’re an organisation of more than 500 employees, working across England and Wales with more than 5,000 teachers who are either currently on our programme or have completed it. Our work to overcome educational inequality has reached more than a million pupils, but this couldn’t have happened without support to strengthen the charity and ensure our systems and processes keep up with our ambitious growth. 

Pivotal to this support network is The Lone Pine Foundation, a US-based corporate foundation and supporter of programmes that serve low-income children and families with education and youth development across the globe. 
The Foundation’s support has helped us to strengthen some crucial, behind-the scenes activity such as our IT infrastructure and office space redesign. Having doubled our workforce between 2012 and 2014, we were close to outgrowing our office space. To ensure the most efficient use of our resources, it was necessary for us to introduce ‘agile’ working, allowing employees to work more flexibility rather than being assigned a desk; adapt our work spaces to facilitate this and create more meeting areas for collaborative working; and roll-out new technology to allow all our employees across England and Wales to keep in touch. Lone Pine’s investment in this essential but unglamorous operational development has allowed us to continue to grow and improve our work to give the greatest possible support to disadvantaged young people.
Another example of The Lone Pine Foundation’s impact can be seen in their support of our Leadership Development Programme, enabling us to increase the number of teachers we can recruit each year. In addition, several Lone Pine Capital employees in London have taken part in skills-building activities in our partner schools and their offices, delivering employability sessions for pupils. 
We’re extremely grateful for the funding, pro-bono support and the hours of volunteering that The Lone Pine Foundation provides and for the demonstrable impact this has on the thousands of young people from low-income communities that we help each year.