Teach First

PwC – supporting our participants with coaching, skills and experience

Participants on our Leadership Development Programme benefit from intensive tutoring and coaching as they train to teach in schools that serve disadvantaged pupils. However, the support they receive doesn’t end there – our corporate partners also work to help them develop skills that will benefit them both inside and outside the classroom.

We’ve partnered with global professional services organisation PwC since 2009, and one of their priorities from the beginning has been helping our teachers gather experience that they can use to improve their classroom practice and to fuel their future careers.
Many of our trainees progress to leadership positions within schools, while others take on roles elsewhere in education, in government or social enterprise. Some move into different fields altogether, but all of them take with them an awareness of the urgency of tackling educational inequality and of the huge effect teaching and leadership can have in solving this national problem.
PwC works closely with us on campus, through events, recruitment and skills presentations, and across the Leadership Development Programme, by coaching teachers and offering summer internships. In 2014/15, 36 of their employees volunteered to coach our participants, providing them with valuable advice to overcome challenges they face in the classroom.
PwC is also one of the largest providers of internships through our Summer Projects scheme. This scheme allows our trainees to take on one- to three-week placements in various companies during their summer holidays, to shadow staff and develop an understanding of a field outside of teaching. Twenty-five such internships are provided every year.
Over 100 ambassadors work at PwC, some of whom joined via a Summer Project. Together they are a very active community, working to address educational inequality from within business through their volunteering and by establishing their own initiatives which support young people in our partner schools. 
Commitment to supporting us extends to every level of PwC, including its senior executives. Gaenor Bagley, the company’s Head of People, has for the past three years delivered guest lessons at our partner schools, as part of our Guest Teacher Programme, aimed at giving disadvantaged young people a better idea of career paths that they may not otherwise have contemplated.
Our participants are our most valuable resource in our efforts to make education fairer for the UK’s most vulnerable young people. The impact we have on young lives stems entirely from their commitment and talent. Because of this, we’re hugely grateful to PwC for the help it provides in supporting our participants, and we look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.