Teach First

The Queen’s Trust & Teach First: A Royal Partnership across the UK

We were founded in 2002 to overcome educational inequality in London. Thirteen years ago, the capital was the worst place for children to go to school; fast-forward to today, and it is now a leading example across the world of improving outcomes for pupils, and we’re proud of our part in that. Our partnership with The Queen’s Trust has been central to our expansion to new areas of the UK, targeting the schools and communities that could most benefit from our work.

In 2012 The Queen’s Trust provided a lead donation towards Teach First Cymru, allowing us to set up crucial infrastructure and partnerships in Wales and place our first ever cohort of trainees into Welsh schools in 2013. From this small start, our Wales operation is expanding across the nation and more teachers are being placed there. 
In 2014 the Queen’s Trust provided further vital funding to help further establish our work in the North East and East of England, and is now committed to expanding the growth of our Leadership Development Programme within isolated, coastal and market towns across England and Wales. Schools in these areas are facing some of the biggest educational challenges today, with the effects of deprivation exacerbated by limited access to the opportunities and networks available in urban centres. Our shared goal is to place 200 teachers in these types of locations in 2015 - 16. 
The Queen’s Trust exists to support projects that encourage and help young people to help others. It is therefore a perfect partner for us, as we seek to place great teachers in classrooms in local communities that really need them. 
Nicola Brentnall is the Director of The Queen’s Trust which, as she explains, "is helping a small group of high-performing charities to expand their work. Our aim is to help them reach more young people for the long term. We are delighted to enable Teach First to recruit, train and place hundreds more teachers who in turn will help thousands of children get the best grades they can – and all that this means for their future success."