Teach First

Teaching in low income community voted 2nd most prestigious career choice by graduates

We are delighted to have been placed 2nd in The Times newspaper’s list of the Top 100 graduate employers having previously held 3rd place in 2013 and 4th place in 2012. These rankings are based on survey results carried out by High Fliers Research.
Since 2002, we have recruited and trained increasing numbers of participants. More than 1,4000 participants began teaching in September 2014, and in 2015 we aim to recruit over 2,000 new teachers. We now operate in every English region and in Wales, in both primary and secondary schools where more than half of pupils come from the poorest 30% of families in the UK .
James Darley, our Director of Graduate Recruitment, said:
“Teach First has played a crucial role in raising the status of teaching profession, so that working in schools in challenging circumstances is now seen as one of the most prestigious destinations for the country's best graduates.
“We know there is much more to do. While we have seen change for some pupils across some schools, all too often, if you grow up in a low-income community in the UK you are still less likely to do well at school, find a decent job and lead a happy, healthy life.
“It is hugely encouraging to know that more graduates than ever consider committing themselves to solving this problem and step into a positive and worthwhile career choice. A great teacher plays a critical role in helping young people secure a brighter future.
“Today’s announcement is a powerful message to the country, that the next generation of leaders are standing up and addressing one of the UK’s most crippling social injustices.”