Early Years pupils with a Teach First teacher

Early Years and primary 

We believe inequality should be addressed from the earliest stages.

Early Years and primary 

We work in partnership with primary schools across England to help ensure that children from low-income communities have a great start to their education.

You can recruit driven, passionate people to train and teach in your school. All Early Years and primary participants receive bespoke training to enable them to make the greatest impact within your school.
See how Newington Primary School, Ramsgate got on with their participant, Fred:

“We have high expectations of our trainees, but luckily, they have high expectations of themselves too. Knowing that the trainees are selected based on a wide range of crucial competencies and values provides quality candidates and saves us time.” 

Mandy Lancy, Executive Primary Principal, Oak Hill and Oriel Academies, Hounslow

What does our training include?

A PGDE and QTS – tailored to the needs of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Phonics & Maths 
Bespoke training in phonics and mathematics from experts.
Behaviour management 
Training in classroom behaviour management, children’s emotional health and well-being.
Classroom practice 
Classroom practice sessions – including training in guided reading and teaching reading across the curriculum.

Frequently asked questions

Which schools do we work with?

Eligibility is determined by a points system that combines not only economic deprivation amongst pupils but also the local achievement gap between poorer children and their wealthier peers. The criteria mean 32% of English primary schools and 36% of English secondary schools are eligible to work with Teach First. Find out more about eligibility here.

Teach First Cymru works with schools in areas where pupil deprivation has an acute impact on outcomes. Please contact the Teach First Cymru office for further details regarding school eligibility. 

How much does it cost?

The fees contribute to the costs associated with recruiting, placing, training and supporting participants to teach in your school throughout the two years. Our school fees cover a percentage of the total cost, whilst the majority of funding is acquired from the government. For a full breakdown of the fees per participant, please speak to your local Teach First team.

What happens after the two years?

More than half of our participants remain in teaching when they have completed the programme. Participants and ambassadors also have the option to work towards a Master's qualification, designed to further their leadership abilities.

What specific requirements are placed on Early Years participants?

- They spend 20 days completing an alternative key stage placement (usually in the same school) in Key Stage.
- They spend five days widening their experience by teaching in a contrasting school.
- They have their first five-day placement in a 0-3 setting to increase their understanding of early child development, fully funded at £200 per day (this should be completed before the end of the third term of their first year).

What specific requirements are placed on primary participants?

Participants spend at least 20 days completing an alternative key stage placement within the 5-11 age range.

What else can we do for your school?
Discover all the services we offer to support your pupils and teachers.
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