Teach First Challenge event


The challenges that should be on your bucket list.


There’s more than one way to help give education inequality the boot. You can push yourself to the max for a very good cause at lots of exciting events, including this lot (we’ll help you fundraise and give you a nice t-shirt to destroy):

Pedal through the pain barrier on the London to Paris Bike Ride
It’s 300 miles from the English capital to the city of love, which is some serious time in the saddle. Still you’ll pass through oodles of stunning scenery on both sides of the channel and have a great excuse to eat your bodyweight in croissants on arrival.

Climb the UK’s highest three peaks...
Doesn’t sound too tough – Britain isn’t exactly the Himalayas. But there’s a catch: you’ve got 48 hours and each mountain is in a different country. You’ll start bright and early at the foot of Ben Nevis in Scotland, then head to the Lake District. Sleep (a little). Dash to the top of Scafell Pike. Drive to Wales. Scamper up Snowden. Have a little lie down to freshen up before dinner. Wake up 12 hours later.

… Then take on Africa’s mightiest mountain
Tanzania’s iconic peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, towers 5,895m above the surrounding farmland and rainforest. It is definitely not a mole hill. The trek might begin on gentle terrain but you’ll soon be tackling steeps climbs, high altitude and, depending when you go, snow. The epic selfies you’ll take from top will make it all worthwhile though.

Jump out of a plane
With a parachute on. There are few thrills that match plummeting, then gently floating, to earth from 10,000ft and you can do it in or near every region we operate in. You’ll be strapped to an instructor so don’t need to worry about forgetting to pull the ripcord.

Take on a marathon
As challenges go the marathon is an oldie – around 2,500 years old – but a goodie. It takes guts, determination and some very understanding trainers. You can fundraise for us by running the Brighton Marathon – handily placed next to the very refreshing (freezing) sea – or, if you’d rather start smaller, sign up for the capital’s half marathon or the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon.

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