A teacher sits with her pupils playing with toys

What could a school buy for the price of an iPhone XS?

What could a school buy for the price of an iPhone XS?

It’s that time of year again – when overnight queues form outside Apple stores and news headlines won’t let up about the newest iPhone.

 A top-of-the-line iPhone now costs an eye-watering £1,499 – we thought we’d do a little maths and work out what you could buy for a classroom with that money.

500 recorders 

A pupil plays with musical instruments

215 stegosaurus pencil grips 

A pupil writes

4,288 glue sticks 

A pupil makes papier-mache

7,533 pencil sharpeners 

A pupil writes

30 whiteboards 

A teacher writes on a whiteboard

43 tables 

Pupils laugh while sitting a t a table

143 chairs

A pupil sits on an orange chair

94 early learning alphabet sets

Word cut outs sit on a desk

75 physics textbooks 

a pupil looks at a paper diagram

Or, it could cover the Government’s contribution to 651 free school meals

A young pupil holds up a toy

The link between low income and low academic attainment is greater in the UK than almost any other developed nation. 13.6% of students receive free school meals, and research shows that 62% of students eligible for free school meals fail to achieve a science GCSE at grade A*-C and 58% fail to achieve this in mathematics. 

Whether you decide to upgrade or not, we can all agree that our education system should give everyone, regardless of their background, a fair shot at a future where decisions like this are not a distant fantasy.

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