A workshop taking place the the Teacher Development Conference

Programme highlights from the Teacher Development Conference

Programme highlights from the Teacher Development Conference

The Teacher Development Conference is a unique professional development opportunity bringing you some of the best educators, business leaders, and innovative thinkers from a diverse mix of sectors. 

Across the two days you will have access to over 80 high quality and professionally delivered sessions, designed to suit your development needs. The core programme, focusing on your knowledge and skill development, will repeat four times across the two days, allowing you to access the sessions most pertinent to you. You’ll attend a fifth session from our ‘Hot Topics’ stream hosted by researchED, giving you access to some of education’s top thinkers and the opportunity to examine the latest edu -research.


Teaching & Learning

If you want to build on your classroom experience or ensure your school is leading from the front, sessions in this stream are for you. From planning to assessment to classroom culture and management, you’ll develop focused, reflective practice to improve your impact in the classroom, school and community.

Session highlights include:

- Supporting pupils with Autism.

- Meaningful Marking: Less work, more feedback.

- Creating the right climate for learning: Managing behaviour in the primary classroom.

- How to transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly place.


If you’re not only looking at your own personal development, but also how to take others with you on your leadership journey, these sessions are for you. With leaders from both education and wider sectors, these sessions will help you develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to become an increasingly effective leader able to manage yourself and others.

Session highlights include:

- Poverty Proofing The School Day.

- Getting on in school: Preparing for the next stage of your Teaching Career.

- Be Well, Teach Better: The Importance of Wellbeing for You and Your Practice.

- Supporting the mental health of your pupils.


The challenge of eradicating educational inequality is not easy, it needs multiple responses across society and thousands if not millions of people. This requires a movement of people for change. Come to a movement session to develop a greater awareness of ways to help narrow the gaps by seeing the problems up close; as well as finding out what organisations are doing to make progress towards better outcomes for pupils from low income communities at all stages in their educational journey. 

Session highlights include:

- Feel Unstoppable: Supporting your pupils to be empowered by youth social action.

- What Next? Supporting your students with their post-school options.

- Born to Fail? What can teachers do to address social mobility?

- Get Talking in Class! The Importance of Oracy for Student's Success in School, Work, and Life.

researchED ‘Hot Topics’

Get up to date on some of the most interesting topics within the education sector. Hear from top researchers in the education sphere in this stream led by researchED, focusing on the latest evidence based research and how to put it into practice in school.

Session highlights include:

- Running a Room: The quickest, most effective ways to build better behaviour.

- Learning styles, brain gym and other dinosaurs: busting the biggest myths in education.

- Homework: To set or not to set?  What does the research tell us? 

- What every teacher needs to know about reading.


Ross McGill
Ross McGill
Teacher Toolkit
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Sue Cowley
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Daisy Christodolou
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Alison Kriel
Alison Kriel
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Helen Moylett & Nancy Stewart
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Sonia Blandford
Professor Sonia Blandford
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David Didau
David Didau
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Tom Sherrington
Tom Sherrington
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Clare Erasmus
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Elly Barnes
Dr Elly Barnes MBE
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Professor Daniel Muijs
Head of Research
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Professor Rebecca Allen
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Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett
Founder, researchED
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Monday 23 July

08.45-10.30    Mainstage 1: Becoming unforgettable for the right reasons - First Direct Arena

10.30-11.00    Transition time

11.00-12.15    Core Programme Session 1

12.15-14.15    Lunch

Exhibition & book fair

Big Debate series - Leadership & Movement 13.00-13.50

14.15-15.30    Core Programme session 2

15.30-16.00    Transition time

16.00-18.00    Mainstage 2: "Taking good theory and putting it into practice"

Tuesday 24 July

08.00-09.00   ‘Breakfast with’…sessions has been renamed ‘The Breakfast Club: Lessons from the classroom’

09.30-10.45    Core Programme Session 3

10.45-11.15    Transition time

11.15-12.30    ‘Hot Topics’ with researchED

12.30-14.30    Lunch

Exhibition & book fair

13.15-14.05  Big Debate series - Teaching & Learning 

14.30-15.45   Core Programme Session 4

15.45    END

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