Teach First

Developing leaders in schools

Developing leaders in schools

We know it takes time and persistence to change the story of a child’s lifetime. We believe that this can start with the dedication and leadership of a great teacher who inspires a child to work towards the future they want.

Training and supporting new teachers

Each year we recruit, train and support new teachers to work in primary and secondary schools serving low-income communities across England and Wales. 

Learning from our classrooms

As a charity, we are constantly seeking to reflect upon and improve our work. Part of this effort is Spotlight, an ongoing project studying the work of some of our teachers. 

Tackling the STEM challenge

We believe that one amazing teacher can inspire pupils to pursue and excel in STEM, and foster a love for a subject that lasts through university and into the workplace.

Improving school governance

Through our Governor Impact Programme, we are working to increase the quality and effectiveness of governing bodies in schools serving low-income communities across the UK.