Teach First

Training and supporting new teachers

Training and supporting new teachers


We are committed to delivering world-class teacher training. Informed by 14 years of development, our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines global best practice in leadership development and teacher training. Our teachers commit to teaching in a state school serving low-income communities for a minimum of two years, with all working towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and Qualified Teacher Status, and many completing our Master’s degree.

University partners and thousands of teachers in our eligible schools work with Teach First participants to ensure that our approach, training and long term impact works in partnership with the wider efforts of the education system.

Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that teachers who train on our programme are seven times more likely to attain leadership positions.

Our training was graded ‘outstanding’ in 41 out of 48 categories assessed in our last Ofsted inspection.

We have placed over 10,000 teachers into schools serving low-income communities, and together they have reached over a million pupils.

Summer Institute

Our two-year programme begins with Summer Institute, which marks the start of our participants’ journey as a teacher and leader.

This is an intensive five-week residential where participants learn the knowledge and skills that they’ll need to take their first steps as a teacher. Participants spend the first four weeks of Summer Institute in the local area where they'll be teaching, whilst week five brings all of them together in one location. During this time, they:

  • develop an understanding of educational inequality and their role in addressing it
  • become embedded in their local school community
  • develop the skills, particularly practical ones, they need to employ effective teaching methods and practice in the classroom.

Ongoing support

Summer Institute is just the start of this training, which continues throughout the two-year Leadership Development Programme. Participants complete a total of 432 hours, equivalent to 72 days, of training during the first year.

Starting in schools

After Summer Institute participants begin teaching in one of our partner schools. In order to have a real impact on the pupils they teach they work alongside a dedicated school mentor and tutors from one of our university partners towards a PGDE, taking part in a range of additional development opportunities.

After year one, and as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), participants continue to teach full time, working towards the ambitious goals they set for their pupils. They have access to further development opportunities and many also take on additional responsibilities to broaden the impact they have on their class.

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One-to-one support 

Participants are supported by a dedicated Participant Development Lead, as well as mentors from our partner schools and universities, who all help them to meet the ambitious visions they set for their pupils’ progress.

Participants also have the chance to be matched with a volunteer coach from one of our supporting organisations. These volunteers help our participants achieve their professional goals and address the leadership challenges they are facing within their schools so that they can best support their pupils.

Summer Projects

During the summer holidays our participants and ambassadors have the opportunity to take on a Summer Project - a 1-3 week internship with a partner organisation. This experience outside of the classroom helps them develop their confidence and leadership skills – all qualities that they can bring back to the classroom.


Participants and ambassadors have the option to work towards a Master's qualification, which is designed to further their leadership abilities.


On successfully completing the two-year Leadership Development Programme, our participants become ambassadors. Our ambassadors continue to be a vital part of the growing community of individuals and organisations committed to tackling educational inequality both inside and outside the classroom.

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