Teach First

Challenge the Impossible - no child's future should be written off because of their background


How much you achieve in life should not depend on how much your parents earn

What you can do

3.7 million children
live in poverty in the UK

Poorer pupils have less than half the chance of going to a high-quality school compared to their wealthier peers

1 in 1,500 children on free school meals makes it to Oxbridge, compared to 1 in 20 privately educated children

Even when they have the same qualifications as their wealthier peers, poorer young people earn less in their jobs

One great teacher
can change a child’s life

One million pupils
have been supported by our teachers

We find, train and support people to become brilliant teachers and inspire the young people who need them the most

15 years of work
1,000 partner schools
10,000 teachers placed

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