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Our impact

Noone gets a second chance at childhood. We want to make sure everyone gets a first.

For nearly two decades, our teachers and leaders have been fighting to make our education system work for every child. But society is still failing too many children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
By working together, we can change this. It begins by getting great teachers into the schools that need them most. But it doesn’t stop there. 
We also need to develop the next generation of brilliant leaders, because when a school’s leadership team thrives, children thrive. And we must keep growing our nationwide networks of diverse expertise to create real, lasting change.
We know that when we get the foundations right for disadvantaged pupils, every young person can have the opportunities they deserve.
We’ve been working with Teach First for seven years. The difference they make is huge.
Rose Hughes,
Headteacher, West Midlands
We’ve placed more than 12,000 teachers in low-income areas, supporting more than one million children.
But we want to help even more.
We now work with schools in every region of England, helping them make a difference where it’s needed most.

63% of our trainees

who still teach work in schools in low-income areas

56 are now headteachers,

402 are senior leaders, and 1,547 are middle leaders

Many of the schools in which [Teach First] has placed trainee teachers have improved markedly. Headteachers of these schools are convinced that Teach First has been one of the crucial elements of that improvement.

Within two years of partnering with us, underperforming school departments improve their GCSE results.

From 9% lower than others’ in the same school, to 16% higher, on average.
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There are so many leadership opportunities... you’re really pushed and supported to succeed.
Fiona McGregor,
2011 ambassador and Assistant Principal at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy
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Our teachers become leaders

When they’re ready, we help our teachers step up and lead change.
This support makes our teachers over seven times more likely to progress to senior leadership roles early in their career, than those who train through Higher Education Institute routes.

The schools facing the biggest challenges deserve the best support

Our ambassadors work to connect schools to a community full of expertise and support. And they connect each other to opportunities to make a bigger difference.
They also help create a policy environment that makes life easier for schools. Learn more about how the networks we support help unlock the potential in all children, not just some.


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My experience in the classroom – and as a school governor – has been really valuable, providing me with motivation and perspective.
Patrick Curry,
2007 ambassador and Deputy Director
Education Funding Group, Department for Education

We understand what your school needs right now - work with us today

Great teachers, brilliant leaders and thriving schools - this is how we're fighting

We rely on charitable donations to support our work. Make a difference today.

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