Corporate partnerships

Two teachers sharing a laugh in school.

Before they set foot in the classroom, our country’s poorest schoolchildren are already on uneven ground. Doors are closed to them before they even know they exist. As a corporate partner, you have the power to open them.

Two teachers sharing a laugh in school.

All children have big dreams. But not every child gets the chance to make them a reality. Let’s put an end to wasted potential and build a fair future. Together.

Why we need your support

Where you’re from shouldn’t affect where you end up, yet too often it does. A disadvantaged child is around 18 months behind their more advantaged peers by the time they take their GCSEs.

But these setbacks don’t end after they’ve left school.

Disadvantaged young people are continuously left behind because of their background. This blocks their ambitions – and our country’s talent pipeline.

If our country and its industries are to thrive, we need to do something now.

Through our work to build a fair education for all, we know that when we get the foundations right for disadvantaged pupils – great teachers, brilliant leaders and thriving schools – every young person can have the opportunities they deserve.

Your help is crucial to making this happen.

By working together, we can make lasting change for the next generation. We can train more teachers and support more schools to unlock the potential in all children.

Case study: Our journey with DHL UK Foundation

Partnering with us helps disadvantaged children get even closer to reaching their full potential. Our work with DHL UK Foundation shows the impact a partnership can have on young people, schools and employees.

Watch our case study to get the full story:

The week allowed me to think about my future – I am now considering doing a placement year with Accenture when I start my degree.
Simran Dhillon,
Year 12 Guru Nanak Sikh Academy
Took on a placement at Accenture
Two young people seating at a table and talking together

Get involved

There are many different ways you can work with us to bring out the talents and potential of young people who aren’t getting the education they deserve.

Our partners 

As a society, it’s time to raise our game. We partner with some amazing businesses who share our commitment to making education fair and unlocking the potential in all children. Thanks to them, we can keep supporting the schools and pupils who need help the most.

Meet all of our current partners

Case study: our 15 year partnership with Deloitte

We’ve been working with Deloitte for 15 years to unlock potential and have many inspirational stories from across our partnership. Hear from former pupil Lakeisha, ambassador Mo, and our Executive Director for Programme Development Reuben about how a partnership with us can give more children a fighting chance at the best start in life.

Read the stories

Raise money 

There are a variety of ways for you and your employees to raise money for our mission. Take part in our events and challenges, or get creative and organise your own events with your workforce to help build a fair education for all. 

Inspire pupils

Pupils are 86% less likely to be out of education, employment or training if they’ve had contact with four or more employers before leaving school. Your business expertise could change the way disadvantaged young people view the world of work. You could show them opportunities they didn’t know existed. You could even discover new talent for your future workforce. 

  • Work experience opportunities – Give young people the chance to learn about career opportunities in your organisation from the inside. You’ll spend time with a diverse group of pupils whose talents might otherwise be overlooked. 
  • Workplace visits – Open your doors to young people and give them an opportunity to broaden their horizons. We’ll work with you to create visits that inspire and motivate them.
  • Guest teacher lessons – Visit our partner schools and encourage pupils to think big and achieve more. They’ll get a new perspective on work and careers. And you’ll see first-hand how our programmes deliver a brilliant education.

Support teachers  

By sharing your experience and providing an insight into your industry, you can help our teachers grow as leaders – all while having a direct impact on their pupil’s education. 

  • Coach our trainee teachers – You’ll be matched with a first or second-year trainee teacher. They’ll take the great leadership skills you share with them back to their schools, so you’ll have a direct impact on their pupils’ education.
  • Share your business expertise – Successful leadership is the secret behind every thriving school. By giving your valued support and advice to school leadership teams, everyone in their school – both staff and pupils – will benefit hugely. 

Become a partner

Could your business help make education fairer? Join us on our mission. 

Contact to start the conversation today.

Coaching definitely does help with your own development, as well as helping others with theirs.
Teach First Coach
Girl students writing
Teach First is the ideal partner – flexible, collaborative and effective. Our partnership provides a great platform to support teachers impacting young people's futures and also gives our employees the chance to make a meaningful difference.
Alison Walker,
Responsible Business Manager

We are delighted to have reached a huge milestone with Deloitte - 15 years in partnership.

“You’ve done it Miss, you’re making learning fun.”

Ask the Experts: PwC on Championing Social Mobility 

Five young people who’ve broken the mould

Fundraise for us

From charity runs to spelling bees, there are so many ways you can fundraise and help to build a fair education for all.

Teach First fundraisers jumping in the air
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