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Join a growing number of networks tackling educational inequality. Get to work sharing your skills and knowledge with others to build a fair education for all.

  • Re-ignite your motivation
  • Get better at what you do
  • Work on new solutions with like-minded peers
  • Be the change you want to see in society
  • Get expert support to grow your network

Tackling educational inequality has to be a team effort. If you’re seeking ways to make education fair, join one of our networks or get our support to set up a new one.

About networks

Many who are involved in education already connect and achieve extraordinary things, but there’s always room for greater collaboration – so we support networks of ambassadors and others who want to work together. Because if we work together, we’ll create equality in education sooner.

Join thriving networks of:

  • teachers – working together to share knowledge, expertise and inspiration
  • school leaders – supporting and inspiring each other to lead in tough areas
  • the broader community working together in support of schools

How to join a network

Our networks unite anyone passionate about building a fair education, who are willing to lead the change they want to see in the world – whether you teach or work in other fields.

Contact a network directly via the tabs to join up. Please note that some are only open to Teach First Ambassadors.

How to start your own

If you have an idea for a new network, we can help you. Get in touch.

Our network

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Be Bold Careers Leaders Network

This network is to support any teacher nationally who is looking to make career education the best it can be for their pupils. This is a chance for you to meet other career leaders and share best practice and resources.

To join, visit their Facebook page.

Be Bold Computing Network 

The Be Bold Computing Network is a place to support current or soon-to-be computing teachers nationally. Members will find support with their planning, high-quality teaching resources and a place to share ideas and best practice.

This network is ideal for:

  • teachers who have found themselves teaching computing in their schools (and are non-specialists)
  • computing teachers looking to connect and develop with others in the community
  • any trainee computing teachers

Join the network on their Facebook page.

Be Bold CPD

Be Bold CPD (Continuing Professional Development) aims to expose teachers to the latest research in education. The network gets experts in from a range of subjects to present their ideas.

Follow them on Twitter or join their mailing list.

Be Bold History

The BeBold History teacher network runs webinars led by historians & teachers and aims to link academia & the classroom. Led by history teachers, for history teachers.

Follow them on Twitter or browse their free library of webinars.

Be Bold Maths

The Be Bold Maths network is a national network supporting maths teachers throughout England and Wales. Created by maths teachers excited by research-informed practice, the network supports each other to excel. They produce blogs and run webinars.

Follow them on Twitter and read their blog posts

Bradford Impact Group (B.I.G)

Bradford Impact Group offers support to Bradford teachers and trainees socially, professionally and in the early stages of their career. This network, set up by Bradford-based ambassadors, aims to welcome and unite teachers in our local community through events such as social events, Teach Meets and panel discussions.

Connect with them on Twitter.

Careers Network

Careers Network is run by and supports ambassadors of Teach First's Careers Leader Programme. The network organises live panel and discussion events for those interested in career education to connect and engage. Careers Leader Programme ambassadors work regionally to support those just finishing the programme to implement their careers strategy and build strong regional connections.

Connect with them on Twitter.

ConnectEd Cymru

ConnectEd Cymru is a network of early career teachers in South Wales. Their mission is to empower teachers to bring evidence-informed practice into their classrooms via targeted CPD events and peer networking.

Reach out to them on Twitter.

The English Network

The English Network (TEN) offers professional development, teacher resources, support and guidance to English teachers via podcasts and Twitter. The teacher network was set up by Teach First ambassadors in the North West in 2018 and its great podcast delves into poetry, plays and much more.

Follow them on Twitter or listen to their fantastic podcast series.

English Practice

This network was formed by English subject specialists, passionate about bringing the latest research to English teachers around the country. They're taking the best pedagogical research and translating it into practical strategies, which you can use in your classroom through virtual events.

If you want to get involved, follow them on Twitter.

Greater Depth: Primary and EYFS Network

This network is led by ambassadors in London who are passionate about sharing best practice across Primary & Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Originally started in 2015 and formally known as the Primary Network, the group broadened their focus in July 2019 to include Early Years. This network aims are to show the best teaching practice through filming lessons, school visits and twilight debates and opportunities to develop teachers. 

Join them on Facebook


LGBTed is a network of LGBT+ teachers and leaders, helping teachers to be authentic in schools, colleges and universities and working to increase LGBT+ visibility in our education system. Teach First is proudly partnering with them to support their work. They are national, but now have local hubs - some of which are led by Teach First ambassadors. Look out for their mentoring programmes, annual conferences and Pride events.

Sign up to be the first to hear about their activities, or follow them on Twitter.

Manchester Teacher Network

The Manchester Teacher Network is an online teacher-led group sharing best practice and signposting to networking opportunities for teachers from all training routes in the Greater Manchester area.

Connect with them on Twitter.

The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project

The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project (MTPT) is an ambassador-founded network and CPD provider for teachers approaching, on, or returning from parental leave. They provide coaching, coffee mornings, complete research and work with schools to help retain teachers as they become parents and empower their continued career progression.

Connect on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) London Network

MFL London Network brings language teachers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of language teaching in post-Brexit Britain, and to share best practice. Their reach on Twitter has seen them secure sponsorship from Amazon, the British Council and HarperCollins.

The teacher support network aims to go national, by making all events accessible online. It’s recruiting for a new committee to take them to this next stage, so it’s a great time to get involved.
Email to find out more or follow them on Twitter.

Teach First LGBTQI+

This is a place for trainees and ambassadors to come together on-line and connect. A casual space to chat about LGBT issues relating to Teach First or teaching in general - potentially with a mind to setting up a more formal network or organisation.

Everyone welcome - join the group on Facebook.

Science in Practice 

Science in Practice is a London-based network looking at how to promote expertise in science. It is space for science teachers to come together, practice lessons, experiments and ensure they are addressing misconceptions in the subject. It is an informal place for teachers to learn from each other, share resources, plan together and feel empowered.

Contact them to find out more or follow them on Twitter.

West Midlands Teacher Network

The West Midlands Teacher Network aims to facilitate CPD sessions for teachers at different stages of their careers, through online and in-person events. They also help teachers get to know each other better via local social events.

Connect with them on Twitter.

Teachers laughing
Teacher with pupil
Man and woman talking
I almost decided to leave the profession, but being part of an Ambassador subject network and discovering a thriving online community of teachers on Twitter has re-energised me.
completed the training programme in 2011

School leadership

Heads Forward Network

With over 60 ambassador Headteachers spread across the country, this network helps members connect, provide peer support and development, drive school improvement and make positive change in tackling educational inequality. Its members come together for residentials. Attend one and you’ll get high-quality professional development, support and challenge, as well as building strong relationships with your peers. Members also visit one another’s schools to see best practice in action and the network have an active whats app group designed to be a quick way of solving problems on the job.  
The network is led by established ambassador Chairs Rebecca Cramer and Dennis Simms.

Email them to find out more.

The National School Forum

The National Schools Forum is a diverse group Headteachers of Teach First Partner Schools from across the UK. It brings together the expertise of school leaders across phases, geographies and governance structures to represent the voice of the school community and to make sure Teach First is led by the needs of schools.

It devises solutions to the key issues that affect our schools’ ability to improve. It enables school leaders from all regions to network and share good practice. The network was established in June 2016 by Dr Vanessa Ogden, CEO of Mulberry Schools Trust and meets twice a year. All members sit on their Local School Forums so what’s happening locally is connected to a national level – to galvanise action by schools, Teach First and others.

Membership is by invitation.

Email them to find out more.

Regional School Forums

Regional School Forums are regionally-run networks of local school leaders. They are an opportunity for headteachers of our partner schools to feedback on Teach First's work at a regional and national level, collectively working towards building a fair education for all children.

They're a great way for schools to network, share good practice and resources, and contribute to a self-improving system. The networks are managed by regional teams.  

Find out more by speaking to your school partnerships contact.

Shared Headship Network

The Shared Headship Network offers invaluable support to professionals looking to share a headship – with anything from networking opportunities, practical job application support and even coaching. It was formed by Teach First ambassadors in London as a reaction to the growing challenge of teacher recruitment, retention and lack of headteachers. It’s led by four Teach First ambassadors in senior leadership roles who all work three or four days a week.

There’s lots to get involved in. The Shared Headship Network aims include growing its membership, placing five to ten leadership job shares and developing a pilot training and matching program with up to two London boroughs.

Follow them on Twitter.

Senior Leadership Teacher (SLT) Network

The SLT Network supports the development of aspiring and current senior leaders in schools. Formed in 2018 by Teach First ambassadors in London, it hosts school visit events and practical continued professional development. The network is run by assistant and deputy headteachers from different training routes, including Teach First.

Find out more by signing up for their newsletter or follow them on Twitter.

Teachers talking
Group of teachers
Male teachers talking
Portrait of Chris Fairbairn
Having a network of Teach First headteachers has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about all the brilliant things leaders are doing in their schools.
Chris Fairbairn,
2006 ambassador and headteacher
Totteridge Academy

Broader community

Ambassadors in Business network

This network is united by its goal to help the business community have a positive impact on education across the UK. It’s open to any Teach First ambassador working in business, and will inspire and support you to set up new networks within your company. This network is led by Freddie Thomlinson (Accenture) and Leo Sutton (Deloitte).

Join the group on LinkedIn.

Association of Calderdale Teachers (ACT)

ACT's aim is to create an engaged, social, and supportive teacher community in Calderdale. Set up by ambassadors in Calderdale, this network fulfills this aim through social media content, Teach Meets, and relevant CPD.

Connect with them on Twitter or email to get involved. 

Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Independent Group of Educators (BRDIGE)

Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Independent Group of Educators (BRDIGE) is a Yorkshire-based Meet-Up. They aim to connect and support teachers and trainees in the area, offering a space for them to come together to share their experiences. If you're a trainee or ambassador in the area, the network would love to hear from you!

Connect with them on Twitter.

Blackpool Educators Active Community Hub (BEACH)

BEACH aims to gather teachers in and around Blackpool to learn from the wider community. The group is geared towards making a positive impact in their local area, supporting both new and current practitioners alongside the odd social event! Follow them on Twitter for more.

Bradford Impact Group (B.I.G)

Bradford Impact Group offers support to Bradford teachers and trainees socially, professionally and in the early stages of their career. This network, set up by Bradford-based ambassadors, aims to welcome and unite teachers in our local community through events such as social events, Teach Meets and panel discussions.

Connect with them on Twitter.

Deloitte Ambassadors

Ambassadors within Deloitte come together to take action on educational inequality. New ambassadors are welcomed, and they support networking for ambassadors across the organisation.

The network is led by Leo Sutton, Freddie Frieman and Kitty Benzecry.

Department for Education Teachers Network

The DfE Teachers Network builds connections between ex-teachers within the department. It bridges the gap between DfE and the classroom – through termly speaker events and by connecting policy makers and practicing teachers when opportunities arise. This network is led by Hester Lockley and Kwamina Korsah. It’s open to anybody with teaching experience.

To find out more, contact Hester or Kwamina.

East Midlands Impact Circle

The East Midlands Impact Circle is the trainee and ambassador network for educational impact in the East Midlands. The network focuses on cross-subject CPD, peer-support and community projects.

Connect with them on Twitter

Headstart NE

HeadStart NE is an ambassador-led Summer School, which supports disadvantaged pupils through tackling summer learning loss and holiday hunger. This targeted, week-long programme of intensive academic tuition gives local pupils a head start to their crucial GCSE year, as well as providing them with a breakfast and hot lunch.

The summer school relies on the support of volunteer teachers – if you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch on Twitter.

Innovation Community

This community offers great support from a motivated peer network. Its members are charities and social enterprises (whether well-established, growing or emerging) that are founded or led by Teach First ambassadors.

It includes some of the most innovative and impactful interventions tackling educational inequality today, including: 

The community encourages collaboration and shares best practice.

To find out more, contact their team.

International Ambassador Network

This is a community-led network, enabling ambassadors to share international experiences and perspectives. They exist to support each other with challenges, help each other progress and inspire each other to have an impact around the world. United by the Teach First mission, the network is open to all ambassadors, wherever you’re based.

Click here to learn more, join the LinkedIn group and attend their termly webinars.

Network ED East Midlands

NetworkED East Midlands organises networking, CPD, and collaboration opportunities for those involved in education across the region.

Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

North East Community Projects

North East Community Projects is a network of teachers aiming to implement education projects across the North East. We also promote existing projects and support collaboration between schools, for the benefit of our local communities.

Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

North East Policy Network

The North East Policy Network aims to bring together like-minded people to discuss, debate and share best practice around key issues faced in their region. Join them and their guest speakers, to discuss how to build a fair education for all pupils in the North East. F

or more information, contact them on Twitter.

PwC Ambassadors

This community of ambassadors and friends from PwC aims to addresses social mobility issues where business and education meet. They welcome new ambassadors and support networking for ambassadors across the organisation.

This network is led by Ruth Khaw.

Teach First Accenture Community

Ambassadors working at Accenture come together to raise awareness of inequality in education. As Teach First ambassadors, they’re passionate about working with staff and students from Teach First schools – and giving them valuable experiences that will help them develop.

They meet regularly, issue a monthly newsletter to around 200 ambassadors and ‘friends’ at Accenture, and hold an annual fundraising event. There’s lots to get involved in.

This network is open to employees of Accenture, contact Josh Rodgers for more information.

Teach First BAME Network

This Facebook group is a place for Teach First trainees, programme members and ambassadors from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds can find each other, share interesting content and reach out for peer support.

Join the group here.

Teach First Civil Service Network

The Teach First Civil Service Network is passionate about influencing the education system. It raises awareness of social mobility within government departments, supports consistency and quality of schools’ outreach work, and helps ambassadors in the Civil Service to become school governors.

With support from the Cabinet Office school’s outreach team, they are aligning activity across departments. This has huge potential for connecting policy decision-makers, advisors and party members with teachers, schools and pupils. And it brings great opportunities for discussion, debate, collaboration and changes in the system!

They host quarterly speaking events (a great way to showcase your work) and have a fortnightly newsletter.

This network is only open to Teach First ambassadors.

To find out more, email them or join the Civil Service Facebook Group.

Sheffield Education Forum (ShEF)

Sheffield Education Forum (ShEF) is a Meet-Up group for teachers offering social and professional support to educators at all points of their career, based in the city. The group aims to connect teachers across all Key Stages and provide a platform to share research-informed practice.

Connect on Twitter or contact via email.

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Step forward and join our ambassador community

If you’re a Teach First Ambassador, share your expertise, time and enthusiasm while developing new skills, and helping to unlock the potential in all children.

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Read stories by ambassadors making an impact on education

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