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Network type

Accenture Ambassador Network

A community of ambassadors and friends within the company who aim to address social mobility issues at the intersection of business and education.

By working with staff and students from Teach First schools in challenging circumstances, they provide experiences supporting their development, and bringing together passionate people to drive engagement and awareness of key issues affecting students.

Email them at

Action Attendance Network

The Action Attendance network aims to connect and support schools to share best practice on improving school attendance. All roles welcome to join this network. 

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Ambassador School Governor Network

A space to connect with fellow ambassadors volunteering in school governance.  The aim of the network is to support ambassadors who volunteer or want to volunteer as school governors to be effective in their role and ensure that they can champion a fair education for all, from board level.

Email them at

Ambassadors in Business network

This network is united by its goal to help the business community have a positive impact on education across the UK. It’s open to any Teach First ambassador working in business, and will inspire and support you to set up new networks within your company. This network is led by

Freddie Thomlinson (Accenture) and Leo Sutton (Deloitte).

Join their Linkedin group.

Be Bold History

The BeBold History teacher network runs webinars led by historians & teachers and aims to link academia & the classroom. Led by history teachers, for history teachers.

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Birmingham Meet-Up

A space for Teach Firsters based in and around Birmingham to connect for support, socialising and collaboration. Open to all - whether on a programme or an Ambassador.

Black Men Teach (BMT)

Black Men Teach (BMT) is a network explicitly promoting and amplifying the voices of Black Men in Education. We aim to provide a safe hub for black male educators. Raising the teaching profile amongst black males whilst bringing to the forefront the different issues and inequalities black men face in education concerning their recruitment, retention & promotion.

In fulfilling our mission, we will challenge the stereotypes of black men and celebrate their successes in education and society alike.

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Blackpool Educators Active Community Hub (BEACH) Meet-Up

A space for Teach Firsters based in and around Blackpool to connect for support, socialising and collaboration. Open to all - whether on a programme or an Ambassador.

Contact them at to join their WhatsApp group.

Bradford Meet-Up

We are a local network dedicated to providing support and networking opportunities to Teach First ambassadors and trainees/programme members either teaching or living both in and around the Bradford district. We are a friendly and welcoming group who meet face to face every term and also provide additional collaboration via WhatsApp. Get in touch to get involved at

Bristol Meet-Up

Join the Bristol Teach First Meet-Up! We will be running meet-ups in Bristol for TF Ambassadors. Meet up to socialise over food and drinks, explore parts of the city together, engage in touristy and non-touristy activities, and generally just hang out and be part of a great community.

Contact and we will add you to our mailing list and the What’s App group. We hope to see you soon!

Cumbria Meet-Up

An opportunity for TF Ambassadors living or working in Cumbria (or nearby) to come together. Activities will provide an opportunity to connect, re-connect and explore all things that may benefit us personally and professionally to further our mission.

Email them at to join their WhatsApp group.

Doncaster Meet-Up

A group for Teach Firsters based around Doncaster. A great space to socialise, support and collaborate! Open to current Teach Firsters and ambassadors!

Heads Forward Network

With over 90 ambassador Headteachers spread across the country, this network helps members connect, provide peer support and development, drive school improvement and make positive change in tackling educational inequality.

Its members come together for residentials. Attend one and you’ll get high-quality professional development, support and challenges, as well as the chance to build strong relationships with your peers.

Members also visit one another’s schools to see best practice in action and the network has an active WhatsApp group designed to be a quick way of solving problems on the job.

The network is led by ambassador Chairs Dennis Simms and Ben Keely.

Email them at

Hull Meet-Up

A local Teach First Meet-Up - a space to connect with your local Teach First community, for support and collaboration in and around Hull and North Humber.

Join their Facebook group.

Innovation Network

The Innovation Network offers great support from motivated peers. Its members are charities and social enterprises (whether well-established, growing or emerging) that are founded or led by Teach First ambassadors.

It includes some of the most innovative and impactful interventions tackling educational inequality today, including: 

  • Frontline
  • The MaternityTeacher PaternityTeacher Project (MTPT)
  • Jamie’s Farm
  • The Access Project
  • The Brilliant Club
  • First Story
  • Unifrog
  • Right to Succeed
  • Literacy Pirates
  • Yes Futures

The community encourages collaboration and shares best practice.

Check out their website.

Inspiration SEND

Inspiration SEND has the primary aim of improving outcomes for pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). They recognise that those working with children and young people with SEND need the knowledge and expertise to be able to do this effectively. The network is designed to support the professional development of its members through a blended approach of events and e-communications.

Email them at

International Ambassador Network

This is a community-led network, enabling ambassadors to share international experiences and perspectives. They exist to support each other with challenges, help each other progress and inspire each other to have an impact around the world. United by the Teach First mission, the network is open to all ambassadors, wherever you’re based. They also host termly webinars. 

Check out their website.

Active internationally.

Join their LinkedIn group 


LGBTed is a network of LGBT+ teachers and leaders, helping teachers to be authentic in schools, colleges and universities and working to increase LGBT+ visibility in our education system. Teach First is proudly partnering with them to support their work.

They are national, but now have local hubs - some of which are led by Teach First ambassadors. Look out for their mentoring programmes, annual conferences and Pride events. 

Sign up here.

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LitdriveUK is a registered charity and subject association for English, created by and maintained by English teachers for English teachers to access high quality professional development, classroom materials and mentoring support. Our key objective is that by doing so, we aim to provide English teachers with better balance in regards to teacher workload, and ultimately, retain excellent teachers to the profession.

Open to any English teachers.

Follow them on Twitter.

London SW1 Meet-Up

A Meet-Up for Teach Firsters based in and around SW1 London (e.g. Westminster, Victoria, Belgravia and Pimlico). A space to connect, support and collaborate. Open to all - whether on a programme or an Ambassador, working in the classroom or beyond.

Contact to be added to the WhatsApp group.

Margate Meet-Up

A group to connect ambassadors and trainees in and around the Margate area. The aim is to support each other and connect with each other socially, building a Teach First community here. Meet up termly and go for walks, coffees or dinners.

If you are on a Teach First course or you are an ambassador, please e-mail to show your interest.

Middle East Meet-Up

The TF Middle East Meet-Up is an informal meet-up for ambassadors to network and swap experiences of living and working in the Middle East. The group regularly meets online, with more localised in-person offshoots planned for the future.

Join their Facebook chat via the Facebook group.

Norfolk & Suffolk Meet-Up

Would you like an opportunity to meet with like-minded people from the Teach First community? If so, please join our meet-up for a termly social event where you’ll be able to connect with others and hopefully make some great friends too.

Email them to learn more.

Northamptonshire Meet-Up

A network to connect the Teach First community in Northamptonshire, where individuals can often be spread across the county. We aim to offer the opportunity for interaction and connection for all individuals on all Teach First programmes and ambassadors in the area. Join us to grow and strengthen the TF community in Northamptonshire!

Email to learn more.

Preston Meet-Up

📢 Calling all Teach Firsters! 🍎 Join us at the Preston Teach First Meet-Up – your gateway to connect, socialise, and collaborate with fellow educators. 🤝 Whether you're a seasoned teacher, just starting your journey or left education, events based in Preston are your opportunity to share experiences, swap ideas, and forge valuable connections. 🎉 Don't miss out – mark your calendars for the next Preston Meet Up and let's inspire, innovate, and impact together! ✨

Contact to learn more.

PwC Ambassador Network

This community of ambassadors and friends from PwC aims to address social mobility issues where business and education meet. They welcome new ambassadors and support networking for ambassadors across the organisation.

This network is led by Jo and Kaffo.

Connect with them on LinkedIn

Richmond and Hounslow Meet-Up

A space for Teach Firsters based in and around Richmond-upon-Thames and Hounslow to connect for support, socialising and collaboration.

Open to all - whether on a programme or an Ambassador.

Email them at to join their WhatsApp group.

Senior Leadership Teacher (SLT) Network

The SLT Network supports the development of aspiring and current senior leaders in schools. Formed in 2018 by Teach First ambassadors in London, it hosts school visit events and practical CPD. The network is run by assistant and deputy headteachers from different training routes, including Teach First.

Sign up to their newsletter.

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SLT Network South West

The SLT Network is based in the South West of England and run by four SLT, hosting school visits and CPD. Their aim is to connect senior leaders & share knowledge across the region to improve outcomes.

This network is for senior leaders in the South West of England. 

Email them at

Follow them on Twitter.

Teach First Civil Service Network

The Teach First Civil Service Network is devoted to bettering the education system. Their work includes:

  •  improving awareness of social mobility issues to government
  •  supporting the quality of outreach work of schools
  •  helping Civil Service ambassadors to become school governors.

Alongside the Cabinet Office's school outreach team, they are aligning activity across departments. They believe this will help in connecting government with schools. This presents great opportunities for discussion, debate, collaboration and changes in the system.

The network is open to current civil servants who are ambassadors. It is also open to current trainees.

TF Careers Network

The TF Careers Network is run by and supports ambassadors of Teach First's Careers Leader Programme. The network organises live panel and discussion events for those interested in career education to connect and engage. Careers Leader Programme ambassadors work regionally to support those just finishing the programme to implement their careers strategy and build strong regional connections.

Follow them on social media.

TF Women’s Elevate Leadership Network

Facebook group for women Teach First trainees, teachers, programme members and ambassadors who are aspiring to leadership or already on that journey.

Members can share interesting content, access activities and reach out for peer support.

Join their Facebook group

The Calderdale Meet-Up

'The Calderdale Meet Up serves Teach First trainees and ambassadors living in the valleys of Halifax, Sowerby, Hebden etc.

We're a small but growing group and welcome new members who are looking to connect. We will be meeting socially 3 times a year - please join us! 

Contact us at to get involved.


Email them to learn more.

The Chesterfield/Sheffield Meet-Up

For ambassadors and trainees in the local area. Join this new group to share ideas, chat, get and give support while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Exeter/ Torbay Meet-Up

We welcome any Teach First ambassadors and trainees in the Exeter/ Torbay area to join us for social get togethers throughout the year 

The Milton Keynes Meet-Up

A space for Teach Firsters living in and around Milton Keynes to connect for support,  collaboration and socialising. All welcome - whether an Ambassador or on a training programme.

The St Albans Meet-Up

Our St Albans City and District Meet Up group is for fellow ambassadors to connect, reconnect, meet and support each other. You may have grown up here, moved here to be near Teach First schools in Luton or (very) North London, or moved here for another reason. All welcome!

The St John's Wood Meet-Up

An opportunity to engage in our mission of educational equality, as you connect with fellow Teach Firsters who share your passion for education. Share insights, build robust support networks and enjoy a fantastic time with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference. Don't miss out on this chance to come together, learn, and grow as we work together to shape the future of education.

York & Selby Meet-Up

A place for Teach First ambassadors in York, Selby and the surrounding areas to get together to stay engaged with the Teach First mission. All ambassadors and programme members welcome.

Get in touch at

Upcoming network events

There are currently no events right now.
Networks story

Heads Forward Network

When David landed his first headship role, he was overwhelmed. Thanks to the support and resources of the Heads Forward network, he's learning to thrive.

David Crosby - Founding Principal of King’s Leadership Academy Bolton
Network story

The Pastoral Network

The mental health and wellbeing of pupils is a top priority as schools rebuild from COVID-19. During lockdown, the Pastoral Network was founded to support this.

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