Teach First Achievement Partner Clare Spence
Clare Watson Spence
Achievement Partner - Early Years & Primary

Empowering Pupils with Sustainable Living: Lessons by BNP Paribas, Gemserv, and Teach First

As part of our ‘Leaders for a Changing World’ partnership with BNP Paribas and Gemserv, we’re thrilled to launch our fourth & final Sustainability lesson plan.

Impact on Future Generations

It really makes you think about the impact our lives can have on those who are to come after us,” a pupil at Rufford Primary School in Stourbridge commented after taking part in the Sustainable Living lesson delivered to them by BNP Paribas.

Collaboration for Sustainable Education

The lesson, created in collaboration by BNP Paribas, Gemserv, and Teach First, teaches pupils about the impact that sustainable living both at home and school can have on not only the generation sitting in classroom seats, but also for those who will be sitting in these seats in 25+ years' time.

Understanding Today's Environmental Impact

The lesson delivers the message around the impact that pollutants are having on the world today. 

It also encourages pupils to consider how sustainable they are currently being, and how they might make smaller changes to be more sustainable both at school and at home.

Learning to Be Resourceful

We want far more than we actually need, and we need to be more resourceful with single use plastics, energy and clothes if we want to make sure the pupils of the future have what they need too,” one pupil said. 

During the lesson, pupils at Rufford Primary learned about the UN Sustainable Goals, and how they might contribute to making the world a more sustainable place.

Inspiring Action in Schools

Erica Tilley, Head Teacher, commented: “The pupils were inspired to ensure that the school is a much more sustainable place, we have pupils making sure all the computers are off before they go home. They are asking about planting flowers for the bees and encouraging all the teachers, especially in the summer months, to consider teaching without the lights on in class if they don’t need it!”

The Role of Teach First in Sustainability Education

Achievement Partner Clare Watson-Spence from Teach First, who works with the school and supported with the lesson at Rufford, said “This lesson is key for the pupils to consider the importance of considering the wants versus the needs that we have and also supports the pupils to really think about how sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

"The pupils were so enthusiastic in the lesson, understanding that the smallest of things, like turning off the tap whilst brushing their teeth, will save water and why that’s important to the future of the planet" said Tracey Fuller, UK Head of Community Engagement and Impact BNP Paribas.

Get Involved

The lesson plan and resources will be available to all schools in the country via TES, and volunteers from BNP Paribas will be visiting Teach First partner schools to deliver lessons and bring this exciting sustainability content to life. 

If you are interested in hosting a visit from BNP Paribas, please contact us at corporatepartnerships@teachfirst.org.uk

We’d love to hear your feedback on the lesson and the things that you are doing for sustainability.

Click here to download the lesson here on TES.

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