Academic Mentoring Programme: COVID-19 and school closures

Information for candidates/mentors on our response to COVID-19 during the Academic Mentoring Programme.

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If you're representing a school and want to find out how COVID-19 will affect your experience, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will academic mentors be eligible for key worker status?

Yes, it has been confirmed that as academic mentors you’ll be classed as key workers.

What will remote learning look like? What will we be expected to do?

Each individual school will work differently, the details of this will be confirmed by the school. The news of closures came to schools at such short notice, and they’re currently having to navigate through very uncertain territories. As uncomfortable as it will be, you will also need to allow for a level of uncertainty during this time.

What should I do if I’m not set up at home to provide online support to students? (E.g. Poor internet connection, unsuitable laptop, etc.)

You should speak to your assigned school line manager about this. They should be able to provide the resources and guidance you need to support pupils remotely.  

What should I do if I need to home-school my children whilst being expected to complete my academic mentoring role remotely?

You’ll need to work with your school line managers, as they are your employers. You should come up with an arrangement that works for both yourself and the school. We will also be providing schools with guidance on the types of activities you can complete remotely.

As an academic mentor, you will be classed as a key worker, meaning your children will be able to attend in school lessons when/if they are open.

Will I be eligible for a COVID vaccine, if I’m being given key worker status?

We recommend that you read and follow the government guidelines on vaccinations. 

Will I still be paid the same if I’m working from home, rather than going into school?

Yes, you will continue to be paid £19,000 pro rata. More information on salary and contracts can be found here.  

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