Reporting equality, diversity and inclusion incidents

This page provides guidance on using Report and Support to report equality, diversity and inclusion incidents for anyone undertaking our programmes via direct delivery.


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What incidents are covered by this process?

If you are a programme member or trainee on a Teach First programme (direct delivery only), you can report any equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) incident via this process. EDI incidents relate to protected characteristics. The Equality Act 2010 sets out nine protected characteristics:

  1. age
  2. disability
  3. gender reassignment (if a person is trans)
  4. marriage and civil partnership
  5. pregnancy and maternity
  6. race/ethnicity 
  7. religion or belief
  8. sex
  9. sexual orientation

Teach First also considers 'socio economic status' to be a protected characteristic although it is not in the Equality Act 2010 legislation. Examples of EDI incidents include, but are not limited to: microaggressions, harassment, sexual misconduct, hate crimes and victimisation. 

How do I submit a report?

You can choose to submit either an anonymous or a named report – in both cases, please use our Report and Support website.

What will happen after I make a report?

Regardless of whether you make an anonymous or named report, your report will always be kept strictly confidential.

Anonymous report
If you choose to submit an anonymous report, you’ll be asked several specific questions about the incident you’re reporting. After you complete the form, you will not receive any further follow up. We’ll store the information you’ve submitted on our internal system for our Programme EDI team to use in their analysis and to take follow-up action where necessary. No-one outside of the Programme EDI team will have access to the report and your details will be kept anonymous, even from them.

Named report
If you choose to submit a named report, we’ll ask you to complete several specific questions about the incident you’re reporting. We’ll assign a member of our Programme Support team to your case, who will follow up with you. It’s likely that the person who will be assigned to your case will be your primary support role at Teach First, for example your Development Lead or Achievement Partner. In cases where this is not appropriate (for example if the incident is about them), a different member of staff will be the main point of contact for you as we take the case forward. You will receive follow-up contact from the person assigned to your case in 5 - 7 working days.

Is the Report and Support site the only way to report incidents?

No – if you’d prefer, you can also access other support services – such as speaking directly to your Teach First support network or using the Employee Assistance Programme. 

If you’re not satisfied with how your report is handled, you can also use our standard complaints procedure.

Need to report an incident?

Access Report and Support

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