Our country needs Black STEM teachers

Our Black pupils need role models

England's teaching workforce has a serious diversity problem. Some pupils have no Black teachers throughout their whole time in school. This is even more stark in STEM subjects, with a huge lack of Black teachers in science, maths and computing. Without representation and role models, young Black pupils are less likely to engage with these subjects - and further still, pursue careers related to them. That means less Black scientists, engineers and other professionals that contribute to our society's future.

This is why we've partnered with Seven-Time Formula One™ World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton's foundation Mission 44. Our shared goal is to recruit and train 150 Black STEM teachers over the next two years, to work in schools serving disadvantaged communities in England.

We hope that our work will support more schools to diversify their teams and help young Black people realise their potential.

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Teach First x Mission 44

The Facts: Black teachers in England

The following statistics are based on research from the Hamilton Commission [1] and the UK Government [2].

Out of 500,000 teachers in England only


are from Black backgrounds [1]


of schools in England have no racially diverse teachers at all [1]



of classroom teachers are Black African, despite making up 2.1% of the working age population [1]

This is compared to


of White British teachers, who make up 78.% of the working age population [2]

What we're doing about it

The truth is, there is little known about what it takes to recruit Black talent into STEM teaching positions. Because of this, we're piloting a range of approaches to inspire the next generation of Black STEM teachers and role models. Over the duration of the partnership we'll look at ways to get talented people into teaching and connect them with others who share their vision.

By growing our understanding of what works to diversify our education system, we aim to create a model for schools to follow and hire more Black STEM teachers across the nation.

A computing teacher points something out to one of their pupils during a lesson.

"I am incredibly proud to be announcing the first partnership from Mission 44 today. Our work with Teach First is another step towards addressing barriers preventing young Black students' engagement with STEM, as identified in The Hamilton Commission report. We know representation and role models are important across all aspects of society, but especially when it comes to supporting young people’s development. By establishing this partnership, which focuses on identifying the best way to attract Black talent to STEM teaching roles, we hope to create a framework the wider education industry can implement. It’s our hope other organisations recruiting teachers will support and join us on our mission to see more diversity in the classroom."

Sir Lewis Hamilton, Founder of Mission 44

“The entire Teach First community is very excited to launch this partnership with Mission 44 and Lewis Hamilton. There is an urgent need for quality teachers as we address the educational disadvantage in the poorest communities across the UK. The teaching workforce does not reflect the diversity of our pupils and the country - and Black teachers remain a significantly underrepresented group in our classroom, creating even more barriers for our Black students. This partnership is an opportunity for this to change. Recruiting more Black STEM teachers over the next two years sends a clear message for Black students that they too can aspire to have a successful career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

Dame Vivian Hunt, Chair of Teach First

Teach First trainee

How you can get involved

Our work is a small step towards addressing the barriers preventing young Black pupils engaging with STEM - but we can't do it alone. Your support is invaluable to getting urgent representation in our country's classrooms.

Join our Training Programme

We're passionate about recruiting new Black STEM teachers to join our award-winning Training Programme. The programme is salaried, and you’ll come out of it as a qualified teacher with a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE). What’s more, you’ll train as you teach - making a difference to the lives of your pupils from day one. So whether you’re fresh out of university or changing career, we can support you to make the leap. Find out more and apply now to make a difference to pupils who need role models like you.

Apply now

Visit our community library, full of recommendations for more diverse English lessons

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Join the next generation of Black STEM teachers

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