Annual Report and Accounts: 2019-2020

Teach First's Annual Report and Accounts, for the year ended 31 August 2020.

2020 showed us how the poorest pupils were being shut out of learning, in part because they did not have access to the technology or devices they needed in order to connect to their virtual classrooms. Dismayingly, this kind of inequality means that progress in closing the GCSE attainment gap in the last decade has been lost since the onset of the pandemic.

However, despite these stark truths, the work that Teach First has done in the last year continues to prove that, when we get the foundations right for the poorest pupils – great teachers, brilliant leaders and powerful networks– it is possible to give every young person the education and opportunities they deserve.

In our latest report, we reflect on how we adapted to the pandemic by making better use of technology and our work to diversify the English and Science curriculum. We welcome our new trustee, Nick Owen. 

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