Teach First Gender Pay Gap Report: 2021

Teach First is working towards a day when no child’s educational success is limited by their background.

We do have a gender pay gap (0.10% median and 8.07% mean). Our male/female balance or ‘gender composition’ is driven by common ‘gendered’ roles within the education sector. For example, most programme delivery roles, where it is a requirement to be an experienced teacher, are carried out by female colleagues (75% of classroom teachers and 67% of headteachers are female).

And, like many organisations, our gender pay gap is shaped by a small underrepresentation of women in senior management roles compared to entry and mid-level roles within the charity.

We recognise the gender pay gap is a result of a wide range of economic, cultural, social, and educational factors. We know these factors influence our internal culture, policies, and practices. Our response to the gender pay gap is part of a larger, holistic approach to diversity and inclusion. You can read more about Diversity & Inclusion at Teach First here.

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