Teach First Socio-economic Background Pay Gap Report: 2023

This is the first year we are reporting on our socio-economic background pay gap. We’re going beyond statutory reporting requirements and continuing to voluntarily report.

We know that where you come from and your family circumstance have a very real impact on the opportunities that are available to you in life. That’s why we are continuing to challenge ourselves by reporting our socio-economic background pay gap for the first time.

This isn’t about simply reporting more data. It’s about shining a light on how colleagues from a variety of backgrounds experience working at Teach First, so we can take action to help create a fairer and more equitable organisation.

We do have a small socio-economic background pay gap of 4.6% (median) and 2.96% (mean) compared to a national pay gap of 13% (Department for Opportunities).

We believe our pay gap is driven by an under-representation of those from working-class backgrounds in our most senior roles. But we also have a higher proportion of employees from working-class backgrounds in our upper middle pay quartile than our overall employee population. This demonstrates some progress and a significant talent pool for our most senior roles.

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