Teach First - Recruitment, Training and Retention of Teachers

High quality teaching is the single most important intervention to improve outcomes in the classroom and help each child to discover what they're capable of.

What’s this report about? 

Earlier this year, the Education Committee launched a new inquiry into teacher recruitment, training and retention in state-funded English schools. This submission shares our vast experience in this area, as well as makes key recommendations to tackle some of the challenges we face as a country. 

What are we calling for? 

  1. The rollout of the second iteration of the DfE’s programme to promote flexible working must give schools the guidance and resources they need, particularly those in disadvantaged areas.
  2. Create a fully funded plan to increase teacher salaries in real terms across the pay scales.
  3. Bring the Pupil Premium in line with its 2015 real-terms value, which requires an increase of over £200 per disadvantaged pupil.
  4. Pilot a funded timetable reduction to make disadvantaged schools more competitive employers and help address some of the additional pressures associated with working in schools in areas of high deprivation.
  5. Extend the levelling up retention premium to teachers of all subjects in schools in disadvantaged areas, not only those teaching STEM subjects.
  6. Continue the development and implementation of high-quality teacher training and development programmes.
  7. Dedicate resources to open up the profession to all people, with a specific focus on supporting inclusive progression to leadership positions.

How will the recommendations benefit children?  

We believe the recommendations set out in this response would help attract new teachers to the profession, encourage them to go where they’re most needed, and help them thrive such that they wish to stay in teaching and thereby positively influence the lives of hundreds of children. 

We want every child to be able to reach their potential – in whatever way is right for them - and with a strong and healthy teaching profession, that becomes even more possible.

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