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Let’s build long-term success. Together we’ll develop teachers into inspiring leaders and give your pupils access to life-changing opportunities.

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  • Hire trainees committed to helping underprivileged pupils
  • Develop leaders to address your school's specific needs
  • Retain talent by providing ongoing training
  • Bring in additional expertise when you need it most
  • Provide pupils with opportunities often beyond their reach
  • Access to our vast networks of support

Comprehensive support for every aspect of your school, today, tomorrow and for years to come.


We’re with you every step of the way.
Trainees are surrounded by a team of mentors and tutors, with structured support available at each stage - from the early NQT years to headship. Meanwhile, internships give you the chance to open the door to potential teachers and boost your resources.

The Training Programme

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It’s tough to get on our programme, so you can be sure every trainee you hire has what it takes to be a great teacher. In fact, 99% go on to achieve the top two QTS grades. They’ve also been matched to your school, so its specific needs are met by their skills.

Of course there will still be ups and downs. That’s teaching. But they’ll have ongoing support from a university tutor, in school mentor and a Teach First expert, not to mention their fellow trainees. So all the bases, from their academic progress and classroom practise to their mental wellbeing, are covered. 

Academic mentors

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Now more than ever pupils from underprivileged backgrounds need a boost. The Department for Education (DfE) predicts the Covid-19 lockdown could increase the attainment gap by 75%.

As part of the government’s National Tutoring Programme we’re recruiting mentors that can go into schools right now to help those most affected. We’ll rigorously select mentors with the skills and knowledge to make a difference quickly. They’ll work closely with pupils to help them get back on track, giving teachers breathing space to focus on longer term objectives.

What’s more, although they’ll be employed by your school the cost is met by the DfE.

Early Career Framework

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Around 15% of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) leave the profession within the first year. Understandably, in busy schools it can be difficult to provide the support they need as they start their career.

The Early Careers Framework fills that gap. It includes face-to-face training, careers advice and access to resources during an NQT’s first two years. And the cost is covered entirely by the DfE.

There is also funding to train a middle leader to become an early years mentor and for a senior leader to introduce the framework into your school. So career progression and talent retention are boosted across your team.

Headship First

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Moving into a headship can be daunting. Suddenly you’re in charge of every class, every department and everyone in the school. Just as the early years in teaching can feel overwhelming so your first steps as a head can too.

That’s why we’ve launched our Headship First pilot programme. It’s designed to help heads strategically manage all the decisions they have to make and provide expert advice on issues, such as whole-school funding, which they may not have faced before. We’re starting small and perfecting the support we offer, but would love to hear if you’d be interested in taking part.

Internships and Experiences

By becoming part of our STEM Online Experiences, someone studying towards a STEM degree, or with high A-Level grades in relevant subjects, and considering a teaching career will come into your school. They’ll take part in lessons, talk to pupils about going to university and fire their enthusiasm for science, tech, engineering and maths.

If you a hire a trainee with us, they’ll also spend time between their first and second years on the Training Programme interning with organisations in the private, public and third sector. These are called Summer Projects and will help them build skills and confidence which they’ll bring back into the classroom.  

Partnering with Teach First is a long-term investment. They recruit quality people with the characteristics and skills to become the school leaders of the future.
Andrew Rushton,
Netherton CofE Primary School
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Help great teachers become brilliant leaders in your school.
Our NPQ-accredited leadership programmes will support them as they take on more responsibility outside the classroom. We offer the career progression many teachers want – 90% say leadership opportunities encourage them to stay – while increasing the depth of expertise in your school.

Middle Leader (NPQML)

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Support teachers to take their first steps into leadership. Our NPQ in Middle Leadership provides one-to-one guidance and flexible training for those eager to take responsibility for a team, such as a subject leader, key stage leader or head of department.

They’ll work with our experts to pinpoint what is holding pupils back in your school and develop and implement a practical plan of action to address those issues. They’ll also make connections with other teachers and schools in the region who are equally as committed to tackling educational inequality.

Senior Leader (NPQSL)

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For middle leaders keen to progress or senior leaders who have just started in their role, the NPQ in Senior Leadership will equip them to succeed. Similar to our Middle Leader course, we’ll provide flexible online and one-to-one learning based on best practise and our years of experience in the field.

As they prepare to take on a position such as deputy head, we’ll work with them to identify improvements that will positively impact the whole school.  We’ll also support them to put those plans into action.

Headship (NPQH)

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By 2022 around one in four schools could be affected by a lack of headteachers. We need to reverse that trend now. Our NPQ in Headship does this by preparing those thinking of stepping up into the daunting but rewarding position and supporting those who already have.

We’ve made the course online and as flexible as possible so it can be fitted around busy schedules. It’ll prepare leaders for the additional managerial responsibilities they’ll have as heads and help them build a plan to spark change across their school.

Careers Leader

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Young people in underprivileged areas have less access to careers advice and opportunities. This course seeks to redress that balance, by supporting a middle or senior leader to improve the careers provision across your school.

The training will help them build partnerships with businesses, embed careers into the curriculum, improve the information on offer to pupils and understand how to measure the impact of their changes.

Leading Together

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An experienced coach and former school leader will work closely with your entire leadership team to build long-term success into your school.

Together you will develop a robust plan that tackles the challenges your school faces. This includes how it responds to the impact of Covid-19 on pupils from the poorest backgrounds.

It’s a unique two-year programme that has a track record of success with 100% of headteachers rating it good or better.

I don’t think there is any other... organisation [in England] that has had such a profound impact on raising teacher professionalism as Teach First.
Andreas Schleicher,
Director for Education and Skills
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
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Partner with us and you’ll join a huge like-minded community.
Doors will open to leaders, schools and organisations willing to share their skills and resources with you. This includes businesses and non-profit organisations that value our drive to give children from the poorest backgrounds a brighter future.


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A network of more than 10,000 people passionate about ending educational inequality and eager to lend you a hand. Everyone who completes one of our programmes becomes an ambassador and joins the community.

Many remain in teaching, but others have gone on to work for charities, businesses and the public sector. Some have set up their own social enterprises that work directly with underprivileged young people.

They’re a diverse and inspiring group with a range of resources and expertise your school will be able to call on.


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Working together we can achieve more. That’s why ambassadors have set up more than 30 networks (and counting) to pool knowledge, share information and support one other.

They include local area groups that bring nearby ambassadors together, groups focussed on subject expertise, groups for heads and other leaders and groups where members of the diverse teaching community can connect, such as the LGBTQI+ and BAME networks.

And if an ambassador can’t find the right network for them, we’ll help them set one up.

Multi-Academy Trusts

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Alongside working with individual schools, we partner with trusts too. We’ll work across your trust, meeting the varying needs of its schools and the communities they serve.

We’ll recruit trainee teachers for you, rigorously selecting them to make sure they’re the right fit for each school, and support the leadership development of all your teachers from classroom to headship. We’ll help you build collaboration throughout your trust and with other trusts, as well as providing the career progression so many value.

Ultimately we’ll work together to give every pupil in your trust the opportunity to fulfil their potential.       

The networks that are created through the programme are really useful. There’s an immediate sense that you have all these people to call on.
Kate Matthews,
English Teacher
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Multi-Academy Trusts

Alongside working with individual schools, we partner with trusts too. We’ll work across your trust, meeting the varying needs of its schools and the communities they serve.

We’ll recruit trainee teachers for you, rigorously selecting them to make sure they’re the right fit for each school, and support the leadership development of all your teachers from classroom to headship. We’ll help you build collaboration throughout your trust and with others, as well as providing the career progression so many value.

Ultimately we’ll work together to give every pupil in your trust the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

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We decided to give Teach First a try... and we got the sort of people we'd been looking for: passionate, committed, hard-working and who challenged our thinking.
Andrew Rushton,
Netherton CoFE Primary School

Teaching School Hubs

We're a long-term partner for schools tackling the biggest challenges - together, we’ll develop teachers into inspiring leaders and give pupils access to life-changing opportunities.

We’re proud to be working with several of the designated Test and Learn Pilot Hubs to deliver the ECF Early Roll out, and we are an accredited NPQ provider. We hope to work with more Teaching School Hubs going forward to deliver future programmes. 

Read below for more information on what we can offer, get in touch and we’ll start building a partnership that meets your needs.

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Teach First are proving to be brilliant partners in the best sense of the word: bringing added value through the quality of their curriculum and materials, and listening carefully to our needs and suggestions for improvement.
Roger Pope CBE,
Education South West and Teaching Schools South West

Hire trainees we’ve recruited to meet your school’s needs. Together we’ll develop leaders who can unlock every pupil’s potential. Book a callback, call us on 020 3862 8994 or email us.

This page is for hiring trainees through our Training Programme. Click here for more options.

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