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Supporting careers leaders

Free careers and employability training for schools.

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Supporting careers leaders

Preparing young people for success beyond school 

Young people don’t just need to know the options available to them when they leave school – they need access to expert careers advice. Our programme provides free Careers Leader training for middle to senior leaders to improve the careers and employability provision in schools and make sure every child reaches a destination that matches their potential.

How to apply 

We still have a limited number of places available. Remaining spaces will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now to avoid disappointment.

We will review applications received on an ongoing basis and will get back to applicants within one week to provide an update on the status of their application.

About the programme 

This free programme for schools develops a middle or senior leader as a specialist careers leader. It develops leadership skills and sector expertise to deliver sustainable, whole-school improvements. Over 12 months, the careers leader will design, implement and evaluate a whole-school improvement strategy. This makes progress towards all eight Gatsby Career Benchmarks, a statutory requirement for schools by 2020.  

The programme is tailored to meet the needs of each school. This provides a foundation for long-term improvement using a mix of local training days, online resources and personalised support. Your school will continue to receive structured support to deliver your strategy as part of the post-programme offer. This includes check-ins and meetings with the local cohort to provide valuable peer support. 

Personalised support
Access one-to-one support from peers, programme alumni and a dedicated Teach First facilitator
Learning modules
Develop career leadership skills and sector expertise using face-to-face and online modules.
School-to-school collaboration
Connect with a local and national network of over 150 schools and careers leaders.
Whole-school strategic focus
Careers strategy that equips all staff to deliver career-related learning, ensuring lasting programme impact.

Benefits for your school 

The Careers Leader programme will: 

  • Provide free training, developing a career leader with the necessary skills and expertise to lead a whole-school approach to careers and employability. 
  • Support a careers leader to design and implement a long-term strategy to prepare your pupils for success after school. 
  • Build capacity in areas such as lasting partnerships with business; careers in the curriculum; information, advice and guidance; and employer engagement. 
  • Prepare your school to meet all new statutory requirements for careers. 
  • Ensure progress towards achieving all eight Gatsby Benchmarks. 

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Careers Leaders 

The government’s Careers Strategy requires all schools to have a dedicated careers leader from September 2018. This senior role will develop an excellent careers programme for each school to meet the expectations set out in the Gatsby Career Benchmarks. 

All careers leaders who completed the programme found it developed both their leadership skills and sector expertise. Following the programme, participating schools have also received improved Ofsted evaluations of their careers guidance. What’s more, a resounding 100% of our alumni would recommend the programme to other schools.

“As a middle leader with other teaching and learning responsibilities, I’ve developed the skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver a careers programme that prepares young people for the dynamic world ahead of them. I have no doubt that the young people in our community will benefit for years to come from an excellent careers provision due to the valuable support we have received from Teach First.”  

Jake Armstrong, Careers Leader, Addey and Stanhope School 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme operate?

The next Careers Leaders programme runs from September 2019 to July 2020. Apply now using our online application form.

What happens after I apply? 

We will review applications received on an ongoing basis, and will acknowledge receipt of the application as soon as it is processed. We have a fixed number of places available in each region to start the programme in September 2019 and therefore advise schools to apply early to avoid disappointment. 

When selecting suitable candidates for the programme, preference will be given to schools that: 

Apply early 

Have greatest need for our support 

Select us through the Careers and Enterprise Company process.

Is my school eligible for the programme?

The programme is available in the following areas across England: East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West, South Coast/South East, South West, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humber.  

The programme is aimed at schools who have a gap in the progression of their pupils. School eligibility is calculated using the recognised ‘Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index’ (IDACI) and ‘Achieving Excellence Areas’ (AEA), as shown below:  

Eligible schools:  

  • IDACI 40 or greater*  

  • IDACI between 35-40 and AEA score of 4-6  

  • IDACI between 30-35 and AEA score of 5 or 6  

  • IDACI between 25-30 and AEA score of 6  

*IDACI of 40 means 40% of pupils living in the 3 most deprived deciles.

Are there any costs for the school?

Fully-funded places for 2019/20 are available across England and will be offered to secondary schools with gaps in their progression data.  

What are the programme requirements for my school?

All schools will be required to identify a middle or senior leader to complete the programme and lead on improving careers provision in their school. 

The careers leader requires capacity to attend one day per half-term of training, to complete pre- and post-training work online, and to develop a whole-school strategy. We also ask each school to name a Senior Leadership Team member to act as project sponsor for the programme.  

What support does the programme provide?

The programme provides the following support for careers leaders and schools:  

- Evaluation of current practice and diagnosis of priority need.  

- High-quality, blended modules based on the latest research, covering subjects on topics such as: building partnerships with business; embedding careers into the curriculum; improving information, advice and guidance; and measuring impact.   

- One-to-one support from a dedicated, local Teach First facilitator.  

- Access to a local and national professional network of careers leaders aiming to improve careers provision in their context.  

- Access to materials that equip all staff to support careers-related learning and opportunities that have a proven impact on pupils. 

Where can I find further information?

For further information, submit an online application or download our Careers Leader programme flyer. 

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