Students at Totteridge Academy partake in a science lesson

The perfect school to teach at

The perfect school to teach at

What you are about to read is my account of life at the Totteridge Academy. Now, before I dive in, you should probably know a few details about me; my name is Maddie, I’m currently writing this as a Year 11 student, and I’m the Head Girl. 

I’ll start by saying how happy and content I am here, I have always felt I could be exactly who I am, and nobody could change that. I believe the school has built a solid ground for itself, and I feel comfortable knowing my teachers care about me to the highest extent. Especially this year, where we have numerous prep sessions in place to help us achieve the results we want in August 2019.

I believe that teaching is probably the most important job in the world – shaping young minds, giving kids hope of the future ahead, and ultimately changing their lives is definitely a unique kind of job.

Everybody remembers a teacher, whether they were good or bad. But we are more inclined to remember the good ones, the ones that impacted us in the best ways possible. I know I won’t remember every single teacher here, but I will remember the ones who make me want to learn, the ones who make me look forward to their lessons. 

The Totteridge Academy has an excellent teaching staff. Every single one of them is incredible at what they do. My Maths teacher, Mr Knott, has already won an award for his teaching, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more of the staff here were up for awards in the next few years.

But being able to witness and experience the change in staff made me keen to write this account, because I know how much of a difference it can make.

we strive to better not only ourselves, but everybody around us

A typical day at the Totteridge Academy involves many things, but it’s built over the structure of 6 lessons, each fifty minutes long (which is certainly better than hour long lessons) with break and lunchtime in between.  I would definitely say I prefer this system to the old, as I’m certainly less likely to tire out. Also, one of my favourite things about TTA is that they no longer employ part time supply staff, and every teacher is full term. Having experienced this, I can see a major difference in how my lessons pan out. If our teacher is unable to teach, another teacher will fill in. They are all fully engaged in what they teach, and are genuinely interested in the subject.

But what you really want to hear is why you should choose TTA, What makes it better than any other school.

And the truth is, we’re a family. We care for each other, look out for each other, and most importantly, we strive to better not only ourselves, but everybody around us.

The connections I have made not only with my friends, but with my teachers has made these past four years the very best of my life. I have had ups and downs, but there’s no doubt that I have been given the very best support, advice, mentoring, and an incredible school life.

During my first speech as Head Girl, I echoed the words Community, Inclusivity and Teamwork. And that’s exactly who we are, and what we have.

The teachers here don’t just teach. They care. 

I get how cheesy that sounds, but it’s the honest truth, because I have faith in every single one of my teachers that I can go to them with anything and I know they will figure something out.

We’re not Eton or Harrow. We may not have the results to rival them (yet!), we may not have the most perfect students. But what we have is family, and we are well on our way to becoming ‘The Most Improved School in London In the next (3) years’ –spoken by none other than Chris Fairbairn, the Principal and, most definitely, Leader.

So take it from me. Someone who’s seen TTA at its worst, and who’s seeing it right now at it’s very best. 

You won’t regret teaching here.

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