Ben Pliener

From tutor to teacher

A primary and maths tutor with the Tutor Trust before becoming a Teach First trainee, Ben talks about his love of teaching and his favourite tutoring moment.

I worked for the Tutor Trust as a secondary maths and primary tutor in Leeds and Manchester, which allowed me to work in a large variety of different schools with some great students and staff members. One time at a school, I went to the teacher’s office to discuss my next few sessions, and heard the back-end of a conversation between the teacher and my student. The student, who had a terrible attendance rate, was claiming they were more than willing to come to school for my sessions. To hear their enthusiasm for attending something educational was amazing, but hearing how they spoke about me showed just how much they appreciated my work. 

Taking a step forward

There is no better experience than teaching, and working at the Tutor Trust has been as close to this as is possible. I have tutored students from all year groups in schools while working as a tutor - the huge number of skills I gained have become more and more apparent as I have worked through the Teach First Summer Institute.

I am going to be working as a secondary maths teacher in Bradford. I am most looking forward to actually being in the classroom teaching whole classes. The role of a teacher includes such a large number of tasks behind the scenes, but it is the direct work with the students that I am most looking forward to.

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