Teach First

BBC Three documentary: Tough Young Teachers

This six-part BBC Three documentary series showed the sometimes gruelling, often life-changing journey of a new teacher on screen for the very first time. The story followed the journey of six new teachers, working in schools in low-income communities, as they came to understand what it means to be responsible for a classroom of young people. 

Commissioned by BBC Three and created by Victory Television, Teach First supported production of the series because we believe this story needs to be told.


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Get to know the teachers

Find out more about the teachers behind the series: Meryl, Claudenia, Nick, Oliver, Charles and Chloe.



The support behind the scenes

Meet the people supporting these new teachers; from fellow colleagues, to parents and community groups.



How we recruit and train new teachers

Learn about our recruitment process and what our training programme involves.



Meet the class of 2013

These are six of more than 2,000 teachers who joined our programme over the past two years. Meet the rest.

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We need to talk about education

Read more about the reality of educational inequality for communities across the UK in this new book.