Image of Russel Hobby
Russell Hobby
CEO at Teach First

Forward Together: reflecting on Teach First in 2019/20

Watch the recording of our community discussion, with updates and plans for the year ahead. Chaired by Teach First CEO Russell Hobby.


It was a pleasure for me to join our community for a discussion on Wednesday 16 September and get a further insight into the ideas and concerns of our ambassadors and networks.

I shared an update on our progress this year - including the recruitment and placement of 1699 trainee teachers in the most challenging conditions, and efforts to tackle the digital divide. We shared some of our plans for the year ahead, particularly our work on the new Academic Mentoring Programme and support for new headteachers.

As you would expect, attendees engaging with the event wanted to know what they could do to help build a fair education for all. If you tune into the recording, you will hear us talk about creating networks, what helps a network succeed and, in particular, what those working outside the classroom can do to support those working inside the classroom. It is a great strength of the community that it spans so many sectors and specialisms.

Ambassadors paid tribute to the work of school leaders, teachers and support staff in the midst of the pandemic. We explored the idea of the leader as operating on the boundary of the organisation - keeping out interference and distraction but also seeking out support, resources and ideas on their own terms. In tough times, knowing what to bring in and what to keep out will be more important than ever.

I hope you find the discussion interesting and we’ll look forward to doing more of these in the future.

- Russell.

Calling all teachers, school leaders and anyone interested in our education system's future – Teach First are bringing together experts from across the sector to explore its most pressing issues and emerging ideas. Tune into our monthly Future Terms online panels to look ahead and discuss what we can do together to build a fair education for all.

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