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Future terms: an online panel series

We're hosting monthly online discussions with experts in education, exploring topics set to impact our future terms.

Calling all teachers, school leaders and anyone interested in our education system's future – Teach First are bringing together experts from across the sector to explore its most pressing issues and emerging ideas.
This monthly event is a chance to look ahead and discuss what we can do together to help build a fairer education.
Each panel lasts an hour, with time for you to ask questions. If you can’t make the live event, register to attend and we’ll send you a recording via email. Sign up below to join in – all are welcome and attendance is free.
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Upcoming panels

Our Future Terms panel series is taking a break for the summer.

We’ll be back soon with another exciting panel. Don’t forget, you can catch up on all of our past events on the following tabs.

Join the conversation on Twitter using #FutureTermsPanel.

Schools are doing an incredible job right now in difficult circumstances. I hope our online panel series can support school leaders and teachers as they plan and lead our young people in uncertain times.
Reuben Moore,
Executive Director for Programme Development at Teach First


How can schools support the 'anxious generation'?

Thursday 8 July 4.30pm to 5.30pm

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Sarah Bibi - PhD Researcher at The University of Manchester and Teach First trustee

A 2014 Ambassador, Sarah taught English in Greater Manchester and the Middle East for seven years before beginning her PhD at Manchester where she is looking at the correlative impact of leadership on teacher wellbeing. Sarah has extensive experience in student pastoral care having been a Head of House and is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider. Sarah’s educational interests include teacher wellbeing, pastoral provision and diversifying representation in English Literature.

Follow Sarah on Twitter @teachcareuk


Theresa Ball - Deputy Headteacher at The Crest Academy

Theresa is a 2009 Teach First ambassador, with experience in pastoral and curriculum leadership. In her most recent posts Theresa has been the designated safeguarding lead at Hammersmith Academy and is now Curriculum Deputy Headteacher at The Crest Academy. Theresa is passionate about making an impact for the students with the greatest need, including PP, SEN and those with mental ill health.

Theresa is also a co-founder of the Pastoral Network, which you can follow on Twitter @Pastoral_N.

Robin Banerjee - Professor of Developmental Psychology at University of Sussex

Robin directs the CRESS (Children's Relationships, Emotions, and Social Skills) research lab. CRESS projects investigate children's social and emotional development, and involve close working partnerships with practitioners and policymakers in the areas of education and mental health. Robin's research has focused particularly on the context of peer relationships as highly relevant for understanding and supporting the social and emotional competencies, mental health, and wellbeing of children and young people.

Follow CRESS on Twitter @CRESS_research

Dr Lesley French - Head of Clinical Help in Schools at Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families

Lesley is a consultant clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) and outpatient forensic settings for children and young people. Since joining the Anna Freud Centre, Lesley has been leading on a feasibility pilot of national remote support into schools, working with teachers, parents and students.

Nicola Noble – Co-Headteacher, Surrey Square Primary School

Nicola is the Co-Head of Surrey Square Primary School and has worked at the school since 2006. Nicola is a passionate teacher, rooted in the potential of every child, and always looking for engaging and meaningful contexts for learning. Among many things, she has led the development of Surrey Square’s approach to ‘REAL’ project based learning, and brought the school's core values to life with the design of the values characters. Nicola firmly believes that wellbeing should be at the heart of a school's work - meaning that the wellbeing of staff, pupils and pupils' families should be the priority. Nicola has worked extensively as a coach and trainer, notably devising and running a DfE funded programme for women leaders, with the Southwark Teaching School Alliance in 2016-18 which has evolved into a women's network. She is Trustee for the charity Magic Breakfast. Nicola is mum to three young children and works flexibly in her role.

Join the conversation on Twitter using #FutureTermsPanel.

Schools are doing an incredible job right now in difficult circumstances. I hope our online panel series can support school leaders and teachers as they plan and lead our young people in uncertain times.
Reuben Moore,
Executive Director for Programme Development, Teach First

Past panels

How can schools support the 'anxious generation'?

This panel aired on Thursday 8 July 2021.

Watch the recording

In classrooms across the country, countless young people are silently struggling with their mental health. And, as a result of the greatest educational upheaval since the Second World War, evidence is indicating that the pandemic has only made this worse.

What role can schools play to support young people through this? And should it even be the responsibility of schools at all?

Join our final Future Terms panel of the year as our expert panellists unpick this crucial topic and dive deeper into the growing crisis of the mental health of the next generation.


Sarah Bibi - PhD Researcher at The University of Manchester and Teach First trustee


  • Theresa Ball - Deputy Headteacher at The Crest Academy
  • Robin Banerjee - Professor of Developmental Psychology at University of Sussex
  • Dr Lesley French - Head of Clinical Help in Schools at Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families
  • Nicola Noble – Co-Headteacher at Surrey Square Primary School

Does school culture eat strategy for breakfast?

This panel aired on Thursday 24 June 2021.

Watch the recording

Over the last year, school staff and students have rapidly reacted to an ever-changing and uncertain picture. If the experience has taught us anything, it's that a school is much more than just a building.

This panel will explore how schools can create a culture that supports learning and the wellbeing of both students and staff as we look to a future beyond the pandemic. We'll consider the things we’ve learnt in the last year that we want to hold on to, and what are the things to leave behind. How can we build inclusive schools that great teachers and leaders want to work in, and that achieve great outcomes for pupils?


Bridget Clay - Director of School Leadership at Teach First


  • Neil Miley - Executive Principal at Dixons Academies Trust
  • Clare Watson-Spence - Achievement Partner at Teach First
  • Jonathan Sharples - Professorial Research Fellow at Education Endowment Foundation

What are the challenges and opportunities of the Early Career Framework?

This panel aired on Thursday 27 May 2021.

Watch the recording

This September’s shake-up of the support given to newly-qualified (early career) teachers will mean big things for schools and trainees alike.

With the induction period being extended from one year to two, in-school mentors will have more responsibilities than ever. Yet, after a year in which the development of new teachers was hugely disrupted, this will inevitably result in challenges.

Speaking to participants who were part of the early roll out of Teach First’s Early Career Framework programme – as well as those involved in its design – we’ll also explore the resources available to support schools and trainees, and how the programme offers a huge opportunity to reinvigorate in-school mentoring.


Faye Craster, Director of Techer Development at Teach First


  • Jacqueline Gilbert - Deputy Headteacher at Park View Community School
  • Haili Hughes - English teacher and mentor at Saddleworth School
  • Jane Phiri - English teacher at Freebrough Academy
  • Sam Twiselton - Director of Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University

Becoming an anti-racist school

This panel aired on Thursday 29 April 2021.

Watch the recording

Many schools work hard to challenge and eradicate racism. But until all our classrooms and school corridors are truly inclusive and anti-racist, education won’t be fair for all.

This Future Terms panel will look at how schools and teachers can confidently explore ideas about race and racism, as well as discussing how schools can address the everyday experiences of racism that both staff and students might face.


Laura Swiszczowski - Head of Programme Diversity & Inclusion at Teach First


  • Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE - Educational Leadership Consultant, Author, Activist and Motivational Speaker
  • Desmond Deehan - CEO / Executive Headteacher at Odyssey Trust for Education
  • Penny Rabiger - Co-founder and Trustee of the BAMEed Network
  • Marcus Shepherd – Principal of The Wells Academy

Making EdTech fair: Is technology boosting social mobility?

This panel aired on Thursday 25 March 2021.

Watch the recording

If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it's that fair and equal access to technology needs to be at the heart of building a fair education for all. But the last 12 months has also shown us that the digital divide is far from being closed.

Join Teach First CEO Russell Hobby and guests for another fascinating Future Terms discussion, as they explore the role of EdTech in closing this chasm. Can it really help to boost social mobility? And how can we ensure fair access to this burgeoning technology?


  • Lisa Barrett - Vice President of Learning, Innovation and Operations at Multiverse
  • Dawn Ferdinand - Headteacher at The Willow Primary School
  • Sir Mark Grundy - CEO of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust
  • Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP - Member of Parliament for East Hampshire and former Secretary of State for Education

In the eye of the storm: Decision-making during rapid change

This panel aired on Thursday 25 February 2021.

Watch the recording

In the unpredictable, volatile environment we’re all working, how are school leaders making significant decisions? With the backdrop of COVID-19, we’ll be hearing from school leaders who are constantly adapting and responding in the ever-changing landscape of schools. We’ll hear examples of the decisions being made and the approaches used to ensure a purposeful and positive learning environment is maintained, whilst managing risks and maintaining some long-term strategic thinking.

Come and explore the impact, lessons learned and persistent problems in this period of change, plus you’ll be able to join the discussion with your own questions.

Join Chair Matthew Evans, Headteacher at Farmor's School, and guests for this conversation.


  • Suzanne Lewis-Dale - Acting Deputy Headteacher for Teaching and Learning at St Joseph's Catholic Academy
  • Emma Robins - Headteacher at New Silksworth Infant Academy and New Silksworth Junior Academy
  • Olamide Ola-Said - Senior Vice Principal at John Keats Academy
  • Rachel Orr - Development Lead for School Leadership Programmes at Teach First

Integrated services: What belongs within the school gates?

This panel aired on Thursday 28 January 2021.

Watch the recording

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the critical role schools play in their communities has become clearer for all to see. Beyond providing children with an excellent education, additional responsibilities such as providing meals, crucial safeguarding and parental engagement activities have become a bigger part of many schools’ operations in recent years, especially during lockdowns.

But are schools really well-placed to provide such services? And if they are, what resources will they need to be sustainable?

We'll explore the questions around parent and family services run by schools; their potential benefits as well as risks. Join us as our expert panel assess opportunities within the current policy environment and share their perspectives on the future of integrated school services. 

Join Emilie Sundorph and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang - Director of Lighthouse
  • Emma Bowman - Director of Children's Services at Barnado's
  • Tilly Browne - Primary Headteacher at Reach Academy Feltham
  • Anna Hennell James - CEO of Orwell Multi-Academy Trust

Building thriving schools in the face of disadvantage

This panel aired on Thursday 3 December 2020.

Watch the recording

Every school has its challenges – never more so than right now. But we know that schools in disadvantaged communities face an even steeper uphill challenge to recruit, retain and develop the best teachers when it comes to achieving the greatest outcomes for students.

So what makes a school sustainably successful? Come along to the latest in our Future Terms series to hear more about research carried out by Teach First, which pinpoints the key features woven into successful schools in disadvantaged areas. Our expert panel will unpick what it takes for schools to maintain teacher wellbeing and ensure a fair education for all.

Join Jenny Griffiths, Education Research Specialist at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Katie Ashford - Deputy Headmistress at Michaela Community School
  • Andy Bygrave - Achievement Partner at Teach First
  • Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson - Headteacher at Anderton Park Primary School
  • Kathryn Morgan - Expert Adviser at Teacher Development Trust

Increasing racial diversity in the literature we teach

This panel aired on Tuesday 3 November 2020.

Watch the recording

Did you know, a pupil can finish school having never encountered a single book written by an ethnic minority author? That’s not right. It needs to change. In October this year we launched our report Missing Pages – increasing racial diversity in the literature we teach. It sparked debate and proved that racial representation in literature is a topic that matters to our community.

In this Future Terms episode we’ve invited experts from across the sector to discuss not just why this is a problem – but how we can solve it. Join our online panel event to hear how we can help children to fall in love with literature.

We also recommend you look at our Missing Pages library, filled with book recommendations from our community for more diverse English literature lessons.

Join Lord Jim Knight and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Joanne Benjamin-Lewis - School Partnerships Lead at Teach First
  • Kwame Boateng - Educator at The Black Curriculum
  • Djamila Boothman - English Teacher and Assistant Headteacher at Woodside High School
  • Katy Lewis - Head of English, Drama and Languages at Pearson Edexcel

Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the whole school community

These two panels aired on Saturday 26 September 2020.

Watch the recordings

This panel of serving school leaders and sector experts will explore and discuss the impact of the school closures and lockdown in 2020. We will find out how pupils and the wider school community have been impacted, and what effect this has had upon returning to school.

We will return to themes explored in our Summer 2020 panels, while helping programme members explore how to support their own school priorities and recovery this new academic year.

Join Bridget Clay, Director School Leadership at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.

Speakers (9.30am - senior leaders & headteachers):

  • Cassie Buchanan - Executive Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary and CEO, Charter Schools Educational Trust
  • Vicky Counsell - Principal, Evergreen Primary Academy
  • Dennis Simms - Co-Chair, Heads Forward and Education Consultant, Simms Coaching

Speakers (11am - middle leaders):

  • Nathan D'Laryea - Assistant Headteacher, Loreto High School
  • Marie Gentles - Founder, Magic Behaviour Management
  • Lynn Nicholls - Education Consultant, Bright Futures Educational Trust

Building on the home-schooling legacy to revitalise learning

This panel aired on Thursday 2 July 2020.

Watch the recording

Schools and the wider education sector have responded in innovative, flexible ways in the wake of school closures. What have we learnt about how schools can do things differently? And which solutions are worth keeping as schools adapt and re-invent in the long-term?

Join Amy Mitchell, Head of Programme Insights and Digital Learning at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Cassie Buchanan - Executive Headteacher, Charles Dickens Primary and CEO, Charter Schools Educational Trust
  • Daisy Christodoulou - Director of Education at No More Marking
  • Ladi Greenstreet - Head of UKI, Accenture Ventures
  • Matthew Hood - Principal, Oak National Academy

Budgeting for the unknown

This panel aired on Thursday 25 June 2020.

Watch the recording

Many schools will have new financial and staffing challenges once pupils return. How can schools plan for this and adapt their ways of working?

Join Bridget Clay, Director of School Leadership at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Natalie Perera - Executive Director, Education Policy Institute
  • Jonathan Simons - Director and Head of Education Practice, Public First
  • Kim Shubrook - Achievement Partner for Leading Together, Teach First
  • Ed Vainker - Executive Principal and Co-Founder, Reach Academy Feltham

Looking after each other after lockdown

This panel aired on Thursday 18 June 2020.

Watch the recording

The entire nation has experienced a collective trauma. What approaches should schools implement to protect the mental health – and rebuild the resilience – of the whole school community? How can schools prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of staff and pupils?

Join Shelley Gonsalves, Executive Director for Programme Delivery at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Jaz Ampaw-Farr - Speaker and Resilience Ninja
  • Lisa Fathers - Head of Teaching School and Co-Principal, Bright Futures Educational Trust
  • Cornelia Lucey - Psychologist and Positive Leadership Consultant, LIVEWISE
  • Tom Shaw - Senior Manager of Research and Development, Carr Manor Community School

Preparing pupils for their new normal

This panel aired on Thursday 11 June 2020.

Watch the recording

Returning to the routines and expectations of school will be challenging for many pupils, especially for those who will have had little or no structured learning during lockdown. How can we help them to re-establish their routines and what strategies could support the most vulnerable learners? 

Join Graihagh Crawshaw, Director of School Leadership at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Natalie Brookshaw - Principal, Dixons Trinity Chapeltown
  • Marie Gentles - Co-Director, Magic Behaviour Management
  • Jenny Griffiths - Education Research Specialist, Teach First
  • William Thompson - Principal, Brittons Academy

Recovering lost learning for the hardest hit

This panel aired on Thursday 4 June 2020.

Watch the recording

The learning and support lost during school closures will have a longer-lasting impact on the most disadvantaged pupils. This discussion will explore how schools hit hardest by COVID-19 can close the gaps.

Join Vidhu Sood-Nicholls, Director of Fundraising at Teach First, and guests for this roundtable discussion.


  • Pedro De Bruyckere - Postdoctoral Researcher, Leiden University and Educational Scientist, Artevelde University
  • Nathan D’Laryea – Assistant Headteacher, Loreto High School Chorlton
  • Professor Becky Francis - Chief Executive Officer, Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
  • Dame Alison Peacock - Chief Executive Officer, The Chartered College of Teaching

Join the conversation on Twitter using #FutureTermsPanel.

Schools are doing an incredible job right now in difficult circumstances. I hope our online panel series can support school leaders and teachers as they plan and lead our young people in uncertain times.
Reuben Moore,
Executive Director for Programme Development, Teach First

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