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If you’re born into a poorer family, success can seem like an impossible challenge.

From cradle to college to career, poorer children find their paths to the future blocked again and again.

Hurdles appear before them that don’t exist for those from wealthier families, making it virtually impossible to break through the ‘class ceiling’.

No child’s dreams should be written off because of their background.

We’re calling on teachers, parents, businesses and government to back our campaign and remove barriers to social mobility, so that all children can fulfil their potential.

Will it be a challenge? Yes. Impossible? No.

Poorer children have less than half the chance of going to a school rated as Outstanding compared to their wealthier peers

Even with a degree, young people who started poorer get a 10% cut in pay compared to colleagues with the same qualifications

In every part of the country a poorer young person is less likely to take on an apprenticeship than their friends who are better off

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Read what we expect of the new government.

In the run-up to the general election, we shared a manifesto for education and social mobility with all candidates across the political spectrum. Hundreds of people sent it on to candidates standing in their constituency. We will continue to push for government to commit to it.

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Big Class Challenge. Helping young people to dream big.

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Challenge the impossible