The power of networks

Connections make us stronger. Together, your community drives positive change in education.

The power of networks

We know that people power change.  Networks increase that power by joining us together into a community and a movement.  This movement of leaders has a real impact on educational inequality, whether they work inside or outside of the classroom.  Join an existing network, or start your own, to create a space for ideas, debate, and connections to flow.  

Check out the range of networks

Leadership networks

 - the Professional Services Network: a network for ambassadors working at PWC, Deloitte, and Accenture.  

 - the Headteacher Network: a network for current headteachers, who meet up around three times each year to share experience and knowledge.

- the Women in Leadership Network, which looks at the challenges that women face in leadership roles.

Teach First Civil Service Ambassadors - this network aims to bring together ambassadors across the civil service, as well as other civil servants interested in tackling educational disadvantage. Contact the group on TFCivilServiceAmbassadors@gmail.com and sign up for email updates.

Policy networks

 - Educational Policy Network (London) - this network puts on around three policy-focused events each year, bringing together experts and practitioners to discuss the hottest topics in education.  Join this network's Facebook group for updates.

 - North East Network - this network meets every term in Newcastle to discuss all things policy related.  Non-Teach First guests are invited, and guest speakers / themes are communicated in advance.  For more information contact Clare.  

- North East Research Network - a home for teachers to explore evidence-informed practice and connect practitioners with similar interests.  Follow this network on Twitter @N_E_RN.  

Yorkshire & Humber Network - now in its fourth year, this network brings together educational leaders to debate and discuss key issues and changes in education.  The network meet a handful of times across the year, and in the past, have hosted pizza & policy nights around the general election and Brexit, forums on cultural capital, and most recently an evening with the DfE.  

Language networks

London MFL Network - this network aims to bring language teachers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of language teaching in post-Brexit Britain, and to share best practice around the new specification.  Follow the network on Twitter @MFLLondon or email mfllondonnetwork@gmail.com.

West Midlands MFL Network - started in 2016, this network is led by Alice and Simon and meets up quarterly.  Contact Alice for more information.  

Regional networks

Liverpool Network - a network for ambassadors living and working in Liverpool.  Join their Facebook Group for updates.  

 - London Primary Network - this network offers a fantastic selection of high quality CPD events each term, engaging speaker panels linked to the current climate of primary education, and networking opportunities to enhance the impact made on children in the primary school setting.  The network collaborates and shares ideas across schools, phases, and areas through events and virtual networking with the aim of building a strong community where everyone feels empowered.  This network is open to everyone, regardless of whether you are a primary teacher or not.  Join the Facebook Group for updates.  

North West English Network - led by three North West 2015 ambassadors, aims to offer CPD, support, and guidance to the growing number of English participants and ambassadors in the region.  They are currently focusing on a podcast series.  Follow this network on Twitter @TheEnglishNetw1.

Norwich Ambassador Network - open to all ambassadors based in and around Norwich.  The network has informal meetings roughly every two months where ambassadors can socialise, network, and share ideas.  

Ipswich Ambassador Network - open to all ambassadors based in and around Ipswich.  The network meets approximately every two months for socialising, networking, and idea sharing.  

West Midlands Leaders' Network - recently set up in the West Midlands by three ambassador senior leaders.  The launch event will be held on 18 January 2019 - invites to come!


Want to get involved?  

We're happy to introduce you to the network organisers, or answer any questions you may have.

Network activity

#8000 strong
Our ambassador network has just passed the 8000 mark.
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From an idea to a social enterprise
It is safe to say that Tom has had a very busy year.
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