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Good enough

Let’s do better

Too many children aren’t getting the education they deserve. As a society, it’s time to raise our game.

All children have big dreams. But not every child gets the chance to make them a reality. Let’s put an end to wasted potential and build a fair future. Together.

The issue

A child from a disadvantaged background is less likely to get good GCSEs and go on to higher education. The effects of this slow start can last a lifetime, widening social inequality. What's more, since COVID-19 you only had half the chance of getting good grades at school if you are growing up in a poor community. The odds just got much tougher.
It’s a cycle we’re determined to help schools break.

Shaeera's story

Pupil smiling to camera while in a computing lesson.

Educational inequality - the numbers

  • A child from a disadvantaged background is 18 months behind when they take their GCSEs.
  • In England and Wales, we spend nearly £17 billion a year dealing with problems that start in childhood.
  • A disadvantaged child is three times more likely to be excluded from school.
  • The chance of a child from a poorer background going to a higher-performing school is falling.
  • Millions of British children live in poverty. Fewer than half reach expected levels for English and maths by the end of primary.


The part you can play

Ready to put an end to wasted potential? Here's how you can get involved:
Teach - Discover more about the difference you could make in the classroom through our Training Programme.
Support - Teach First is a registered charity and we rely on donations to help cover our costs. Donate to our campaign to make sure no potential is wasted as a result of the pandemic.
Follow - Help us raise our voice and hear our latest updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Our leadership programmes

Great leaders drive successful schools. Our world-class training gives those eager to step up and build a fairer education system, the tools and networks to do it.

A teacher smiling at one of their pupils.

Read first-hand accounts of what it's like to join our programmes

Join our award-winning Training Programme

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