Early Career Framework: FAQs for early career teachers

These FAQs are aimed at early career teachers (ECTs) who are going to join the Early Career Framework (ECF) programme.

Please refer to the sections below to find the information you need. We’ll update and add to this information as the programme progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will year one of the ECF programme cover?

Rooted in research and expertise and backed by a range of tailored resources, year one of the programme consists of the following six modules, one per half-term: 

1.    How can you create an effective learning environment?
2.    How do pupils learn?
3.    What makes classroom practice effective? 
4.    How can you use assessment and feedback to greatest effect? 
5.    How can you support all pupils to succeed? 
6.    How can you design a coherent curriculum?

What will year two of the ECF programme cover?

Year two takes a more personal approach focused on subject/phase-specific learning and development, following these six development cycles, one per half-term:

1.    Developing pupils' intrinsic motivation
2.    Supporting pupils to develop subject-specific  skills
3.    Using meaningful & memorable explanations
4.    Anticipating & addressing common misconceptions
5.    Using structured talk to develop pupils' literacy skills.
6.    Developing a coherent curriculum

What is the time commitment for an ECT in year one?
  • engage with induction (6 hours)
  • engage with self-directed study (4 hours 30 minutes per half-term) 
  • meet weekly with the mentor for 1:1 interactions (1 hour each)
  • attend two online or face-to-face seminars per half-term (1 hour 20 minutes per seminar) 
What is the time commitment for an ECT in year two?
  • engage with induction (6 hours) 
  • complete retrieval quiz and revisit identified areas of self-directed study from year one (45 min) 
  • attend one online or face-to-face seminar per half-term (1 hour 30 mins per seminar) 
  • arrange and attend demonstrations (observation and/or discussion) (1 hour per half term)  
  • meet fortnightly with the mentor for 1:1 interactions (1 hour each)  

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