Summer Institute

Summer Institute is our initial training for the programme. The training is a hybrid of both online and in-person learning, which will equip you with the core skills you’ll need in the classroom from September 2022.

You’ll receive an excellent grounding in the key areas of behaviour management, lesson planning, and pupil assessment. You’ll attend online sessions with experts, complete self-directed online learning, and spend time in school, practicing the skills you’ve learned, in front of real classes.

After Summer Institute in August 2022, you’ll attend an in-person event in or near the area of your employment school. It’s a great opportunity to consolidate your learning from Summer Institute and meet some of your peers in-person.

How is Summer Institute delivered?

In the past, we’ve delivered Summer Institute as a fixed five-week block running from late June to the end of July. This model has worked well for many of our trainees, so we’ll continue to offer this as an option.

We also know some trainees would prefer a more flexible model to accommodate commitments, which otherwise might prevent potential teachers from entering the classroom. We want to remove this barrier.

This is why we’re transforming our approach to Summer Institute. For the first time, we’re able to offer a more flexible part-time model.

Instead of committing to the five-week full-time model, you’ll now have a choice to opt-in to a part-time model where you’ll complete the learning over nine weeks, rather than five. The part time model requires a weekly commitment of around 12.5 hours, instead of 37.5.

Whichever route you complete you’ll:

  • spend five full days in a host school, working on your teaching practice outside of your employment school – we call this school-centred learning
  • spend two full days in your employment school meeting your new colleagues
  • receive high-quality training that provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to set you up for success

We’ll be in touch at the relevant point in the year to ask which version you’d prefer, so start considering now what would work best for you. Places for each version may be capped depending on demand for each model, so please respond promptly when asked for your preference.

What are the dates for Summer Institute 2022?


Full-time Summer Institute (five weeks)

Full-time Summer Institute will start on Monday 20 June and finish on Friday 22 July.

Part-time Summer Institute (nine weeks)

Part-time Summer Institute will start on Monday 6 June and end on Saturday 6 August.

Employment school days

Wednesday 29 June 2022 and Thursday 30 June 2022

School-centred learning (SCL)

Monday 4 to Friday 8 July 2022 or* Monday 11 to Friday 15 July 2022

 *you’ll only attend one week of school-centred learning, which will be allocated to you in the spring

August delivery day

Wednesday 24 August 2022

When you’re offered a place on the programme, we’ll keep you updated so you’re ready to engage fully with Summer Institute.

Ready to apply?

Apply by 28 July - start in the classroom this October.

Apply now

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