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Empowering school leaders

Discover our Leading Together Programme.

Empowering school leaders

Leading Together is a new two-year programme supporting schools to build and sustain strong, empowered, effective leadership teams.

It takes time, persistence and specialist support to change the life chances for children in our schools. This starts with the dedication and leadership of a great teacher, who inspires a child to work towards the future they want. We know that for teachers to make a positive difference for their pupils, they need outstanding support and a school environment which enables them to thrive.

Leading Together nurtures and builds upon the talent that already exists within school leadership teams. The programme is resolutely focused on providing the opportunities, training, people and expert support to develop high-quality leaders across the whole school.

About the programme

Leading Together provides structured development during and beyond the lifetime of the project.

Tailored coaching and guidance
Each school gets two years' bespoke support and coaching from an experienced, locally-based senior leader.
Learning, networks & specialist support
School leadership teams have access to learning modules, local networks and funding for specialist support.

What makes Leading Together different?

A strong network of support
Drawing upon an unparalleled network of charities, businesses, schools, and over 7,000 alumni of our training.
15 years’ experience in education
Since 2002, we have been designing and delivering Outstanding leadership programmes for disadvantaged pupils.
Free support for schools
The DfE's support allows us to offer the programme free of charge to schools.
Reaching pupils in low-income areas
We plan to work with 85 schools over the next three years, with 1,600 teachers reaching 200,000 pupils.
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Frequently asked questions

Why is Leading Together needed?

Whilst a number of programmes independently target the development of individuals or specific interventions within schools, it can be hard to maintain a professional culture of continuous improvement. Leading Together aims to build a whole-school environment for leaders, individuals and interventions to flourish together, strengthening capacity across the whole leadership team to provide enduring positive outcomes for pupils.

What support is available for schools?

Throughout Leading Together, school leadership teams will benefit from four key development opportunities in order to create a professional, sustainable learning culture and community:

Learning modules

These modules have been developed around 12 cutting-edge teaching, leadership and business management content areas, covering a diverse range of support from assessment through to HR.

Achievement Partner

Each school will be matched with an experienced and locally-based Achievement Partner. They will guide, coach and work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside the school’s leadership team for two years.

Bespoke school support

To be practically applied as part of the school improvement plan. Provided by teaching and learning specialists, business management consultants, specialists from schools, and international experts.

School-to-school collaboration

Networking and CPD between schools, an annual School Leadership Conference, and twilight learning events hosted by businesses and schools who have already developed strong leadership practice.

How is the support structured?

Analysis and preparation phase

The Leadership team and Achievement Partner will build and agree a detailed analysis of the school’s circumstances, including strengths and development areas. This data will form the foundations of a path to sustained progress for the school. Programme members will be introduced to key areas of content, including ‘Using Research’ and ‘Strategic Planning and Implementing Change’.

Foundational learning and practice phase

Leadership teams will have the opportunity to implement any agreed new approaches, and each team member will attend a series of foundation learning modules to support their development and understanding of key content areas. Additionally, leadership teams will have access to group coaching sessions and a buddying system to further cultivate their thinking.

Embedding and driving improvements and change phase

Following completion of all foundation learning modules, leadership teams will work together to consider where further development is required and attend mastery modules as required. This will provide a deep understanding of key areas, allowing them to refine their path to sustained progress as a result.

Sustaining impact phase

All programme members will attend the second residential, also completing the final learning modules. Through further work with the Achievement Partner, significant reflection, and participation in Action Learning sets, leadership teams will work to make approaches permanent and woven into a thriving professional culture.

Is my school eligible for the programme?

Leading Together will be focused on making a real and sustained difference to the lives of young people who need it the most. We will, therefore, be predominantly working with schools that have been graded 3 or 4 by Ofsted. All schools we work with will serve low-income communities.

We determine low-income communities by using criteria which considers both the population of the population of the school, the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI), and the score of the Achieving Excellence Area (AEA) the school is in.

With delivery of Leading Together starting in Spring 2018, we will initially pilot it in schools meeting these criteria in the North West and Yorkshire & Humber, with plans to expand to other geographical areas in the future. We will be talking to schools interested in taking part in the first year of the programme from October 2017.

Read more about your school's eligibility here

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