Brand Manager Programme

Our Insight Programme

Our Insight Programme

Our award-winning Insight Programme will help you develop key employability skills and give you the opportunity to inspire young people by teaching a lesson at one of our partner schools. What's more, you could finish the paid, two-week internship with an offer for our Leadership Development Programme.

You'll spend the first week of our Insight Programme in London focusing on training and personal development, attending workshops with our team and some of our charitable and corporate partners. There will be time to discuss the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) challenge and the impact it's having in the UK. You'll also get to talk to our ambassadors - those who have completed our graduate programme - and get to know your peers, so that you can start building your Teach First network.

Week two brings an opportunity to experience life on our Leadership Development Programme at any one of our partner schools in England or Wales, where you'll deliver a lesson in your specialist STEM subject. While in school, you may also get involved in a number of other activities such as after school clubs, formal or informal pupil coaching, or talk to pupils about your experience of going to university. On this internship, you’ll start to make a real impact on the young people at your school.

Get ahead

By the end of the two weeks, you'll have developed skills that align with our Leadership Development Programme, including resilience, leadership and teamwork. At the end of Insight you'll take part in a reduced selection day for our Leadership Development Programme and, if successful, you will be made an offer to join our 2020 programme to teach a STEM subject in one of our secondary schools.

Candidates that perform exceptionally well at the Insight development centre could be made a dual offer for our Insight Programme in 2019 and a conditional offer for our Leadership Development Programme in 2020.

This programme is for penultimate-year university students. To find out more information on eligibility, please read the 'Who can apply' section below.


  • Observe teaching techniques in action and find out what it's really like in the classroom.
  • Understand the STEM challenge and the inequalities in our education system.
  • Take part in a reduced development for our graduate Leadership Development Programme
  • Develop skills in public speaking, teamwork, time management and decision-making.
  • Get paid £250 a week; travel expenses are also covered.
  • Guaranteed attendance at a development centre for our Brand Manager Programme (provided you meet the criteria).


Applications are now closed. 

Spring programme: 26 March - 5 April 2019

Summer programme: 11 - 21 June 2019

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Who can apply?

To be eligible for our programme you should: 

  • Be graduating in 2020 (if you are currently studying for a PhD you can still apply however you must have completed your studies by 2020). 

  • Be a STEM specialist: either studying for a STEM degree or have A-levels (A*- B) in the following subjects: two sciences (biology, chemistry or physics) and/or maths and/or technology (DT or ICT). 

  • Be predicted a 2:1 degree or higher. 

  • Have a grade C in GCSE English and Maths. 

If you have non-UK qualifications you can still apply for our Insight Programme; just detail any qualifications you have on the online application. Any offer for our programme will be conditional on you being able to provide documentation to show that your overseas qualifications are equivalent to the UK qualifications we require.  

In brief, this will involve contacting NARIC, a governing body that provides documentation to show if your qualifications are equivalent. You may then be required to sit appropriate equivalency testing to meet our GCSE requirement. Please note there is a fee for NARIC services which Teach First is unable to fund. More information about the NARIC process will be provided if you are successful, but you can read about NARIC costs on their website, and information on equivalency tests via our provider’s website. 

In order to participate in our Insight Programme, it is compulsory to show evidence of your right to work in the UK and present a clear DBS certificate. The right to work documentation will need to be shown when you attend our development centre. The DBS certificate will be required at offer stage. Teach First will assist you in the process of obtaining a DBS certificate (we pay the fee and register your details with the external provider we use).  

Please note that if you have spent longer than six months abroad you will also need to complete an international DBS check in addition to the UK DBS check. You can do this through the same DBS certificate provider.

If you have any questions about eligibility or the documents we require in order for you to start our Insight Programme, please do get in touch by emailing

Application process: important dates

Insight assessments are scheduled for the following dates:

  • 25 February 2019, 28 February 2019, 19 March 2019 and 29 March 2019

These assessment centre dates will be given to applicants who would like to participate in our summer programme. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at

Hints and tips for your application
  • Don’t forget to do your research when writing about why you’d like to join our Insight Programme and find out more about our graduate Leadership Development Programme. Our website has a wealth of information for you to use and it’s important for you to know what Teach First do and about our vision and mission. 

  • To help you structure your answers for the competency-based questions, we suggest you use the CAR framework: 

Context: Outline the context. What needed to be done? What was the objective? 

Action: Next, explain the action you took to try and meet the objective. Use the first-person pronoun (“I did” “I created”) here. We also advise taking a look at our values, and weaving these into your answer. 

Result: Finally, write about the result. This should be a positive one. If it’s negative, make it into a positive i.e. what did you learn from it?  Where possible it’s good for us to see qualitative results to strengthen the assessor's understanding of the outcome.  

  • Please ensure that any examples you use in your answers are based on real-life situations rather than hypotheticals. Provide significant detail about any activities or events that you describe in your answer. 

  • Many candidates fall down on spelling and grammar so please check your application through thoroughly before submitting. One way of doing this is by copying and pasting your answer into a Word document.  Please also note that our assessors do look at spelling and grammar errors, and it is possible to fail your application on account of them.  

  • Think about your writing style: this is a job application so do take a professional approach when answering the questions.

At our assessment centre

If you are successful at application stage, you will be invited to our development  centre in London. Insight Programme assessments are compromised of the following three main elements:

Competency based interview

Your assessment will start with a competency-based interview lasting 25-30 minutes. 

This is your chance to demonstrate not only your understanding of the Teach First mission and vision but your motivation for wanting to participate in our Insight Programme. 

Our assessors will be looking for you to share experiences that showcase some of our competencies. We recommend researching each of them thoroughly and thinking carefully about how you can demonstrate them through prepared examples. You are welcome to re-use the examples chosen for your written application.

We recommend you use the CAR framework when answering the competency questions – specify the context, identify your specific actions and then talk about the end result.

Group task

In this part of the assessment you will be working in a group of up to six people on a school-based scenario. Take the opportunity to participate fully in the discussion and demonstrate both your skills and abilities – the assessors can’t assess what they can’t see, so do make sure you get fully involved.

Role play

Your role play will also be a school-based scenario between yourself and one of the assessors. You will have a short time to consider the scenario and make notes before the role play begins. This will be followed by a timed, handwritten evaluation of the role play you took part in.

Hints and tips for your assessment

Be yourself

Our highly skilled assessors are trained to identify talent and potential. We want to meet the real you and to understand what you uniquely bring so try not to overthink your actions and be yourself.

Do your homework

A lack of preparation can undermine an otherwise strong performance in areas that can be easily addressed ahead of your assessment. 

We want to know that you understand what sets us apart and to hear your story. Be sure to use the resources on our website and the support of our recruitment team effectively. 

Consider structure and phasing

We respect the challenging nature of an interview and are more than happy to give you time to think. Taking a moment will often result in a more succinct answer. Try to avoid lengthy anecdotes with unnecessary detail. Focus on what has been asked and use the CAR method (Context - Action - Result) to help structure your answers.
Don’t speak on behalf of a group, we want to hear your individual responsibilities. It is fine to use a team example, but use ‘I’ and not ‘we’ to ensure we can give you credit for your direct actions.

Avoid using informal language or verbalising internal dialogue which could be less professional than intended.


Do you represent a school?

If you'd like to learn more about Insight and how your school can get involved, our team would be happy to help.

Other ways to get involved

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