A pupil gives their friend a piggyback ride while their friend points something out to them.

Become a philanthropic supporter of a leading education charity. Help train talented teachers and provide equal educational opportunities for all.

A pupil gives their friend a piggyback ride while their friend points something out to them.

The UK is failing to unlock the potential in all our children. Your gift can change that and help build a fair education for all.

Your gift

Your gift will help change lives 

We’re one of the UK’s leading education charities – by investing in our work, you can help get great teachers and leaders into the schools that need them most. But that’s not all. You can help turn struggling schools around by providing them with exactly the support they need. Enable talented teachers to become exceptional leaders. And help grow a powerful network of talented people committed to change.  

Let’s give the next generation the education they deserve.

What we can offer you 

  • Support from a dedicated member of the Philanthropy team.  
  • Regular reporting – so you know exactly what impact your gift makes. 
  • Visits to schools to meet our brilliant teachers and pupils – seeing for yourself the difference you’ve made.  
  • Invitations to exclusive events and the chance to meet like-minded supporters.  
  • The power to achieve the results we all want to see - every child reaching their potential.

Support our work 

Inspired to get involved? We’d love to talk with you. Email Rebecca Round at or call 020 3862 8011.

Teacher standing in a classroom talking to students
A group of young adults standing outside

The Every Child Fund

Teachers are leaving the profession. Teacher training applications were down 5% last year. And it’s the disadvantaged communities that suffer the most. Your support can help change that, and create equal educational opportunities for all. 

The difference you’ll make 

Support The Every Child Fund and you’ll join individuals whose gifts are putting talented teachers where they’re needed the most. It’s crucial to support those schools tackling the biggest challenges. And key to changing thousands of children’s lives for good. 

£10,000 + gift aid will recruit and train three talented teachers, who will reach 375 children in their first year alone. 

£5,000 + gift aid will train two teachers aspiring to become middle or senior leaders, or headteachers. 

We can offer you 

  • Visits to a Teach First partner school – so you can witness your impact first-hand.  
  • Regular Every Child Fund newsletters – to read about our successes and the difference you’ve made. 
  • Invitations to events. 
  • Networking with like-minded supporters who are as passionate as you about equality in education. 

Want to help make education fair? Email Rebecca Round at or call 020 3862 8011. 

Classroom with pupils raising their hands
Two children laughing
Teach First is a truly innovative organisation undertaking vital and impactful work to transform education in the UK.
Nicolai Tangen,
AKO Capital and the AKO Foundation

Teacherhood: Episode 1

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Five young people who’ve broken the mould

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