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Career Pathways

Work Shadowing and Introductory Sessions are opportunities for your organisation to be involved in our Career Pathways.

Teach First is working towards a day when no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. Our growing alumni, known as ambassadors, have direct experience of educational disadvantage will make a key contribution to the Teach First vision.

In January 2016 we launched three national career development programmes, known as the Career Pathways. These are the Schools Pathway, Charities and Social Enterprise Pathway and Policy and Research Pathway; representing sectors where we believe ambassadors can have an impact in ending educational inequality and where Teach First is well placed to support them. All three have been created to inspire, inform and support ambassadors to enter, progress and be effective in their careers within these areas.

Our Policy and Research and Charity and Social Enterprise Pathway programmes run various career enhancement opportunities, including Work Shadowing and Introductory sessions, which we deliver with organisations across the country.

How can my organisation be involved?

Work Shadowing and Introductory Sessions are opportunities for your organisation to take advantage of fresh new ideas and have access to a year-round talent attraction pipeline. You simply complete a submission form from 1st October – 16th December letting us know what you’d like to submit over the next calendar year and confirming any skills, experience and attributes you are looking for from a candidate. Teach First manages the full attraction and selection process for you.

More about each of these opportunities are below:

  • Introductory Sessions – An opportunity for you to raise awareness of your organisation and roles within it, and have direct contact with a small group of high performing future job seekers. These sessions involve a small group of ambassadors attending your organisation for a half-day, learning about your organisation, the different roles within it and speaking with different employees on how they have developed their careers.
  • Work Shadowing – This allows an ambassador to have a clearer view of how to progress their career and enables a member of your team to work closely with this individual and build up a picture of their key skills and potential for future opportunities. It’s a flexible morning, afternoon, or full day shadowing opportunity for an ambassador to observe a member of the team and learn about working in a particular role and in your organisation.

We also run an internship scheme called Summer Projects. This takes place during August when our community of talented participants and ambassadors join organisations to complete, or contribute to, a short-term goal or objective. Whilst being a great way to harness the skills of our participants and ambassadors, your participation also helps to raise the achievement, aspiration and access to opportunity of children from some of the UK’s poorest backgrounds. More information can be found on the Summer Projects page here.

Please see the attachments for more detail on the projects and how to submit.

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