Taster programmes

A Teach First Taster programme participant.

Boost your CV and develop leaderships skills to help you stand out with our two-day Taster Programme.

  • Develop transferable skills that all employers look for.
  • Increase your chances of getting an offer to our graduate Training Programme, with an application fast-track.
  • Discover what it’s like to teach.
  • Receive tailored feedback from one of our experts.
  • Add a Times Top 100 graduate employer to your CV.
  • Network with our corporate partners and likeminded students.
Two days
Choice of in-person or online

Get teaching experience while exploring career options - it could land you your first job.

Underrepresented talent

Our goal is to help every child fulfil their potential, and representation is key to helping them succeed at school and beyond.

England’s teaching workforce has a serious diversity problem.

Without representation and role models, young people are less likely to engage with school and move on into further education or work.

That means a less diverse workforce, and further underrepresentation in positions of power in society. It’s a cycle we’re determined to break.

That’s why we made three bespoke Taster Programmes for groups who are underrepresented in the classroom and school leadership.

We want to provide a safe space to discuss and engage with these challenges.  

We’ll help you learn more about what a career in teaching could look like for you, and the support you can expect.

What will I get from these programmes? 

  • Develop transferable skills to support your employability.
  • Network with fantastic speakers who share their experiences of challenges unique to each underrepresented group.

What underrepresented talent programmes are we running?

Women in Leadership 

Over half of the teachers in England identify as female. But the number of women in school leadership makes up a much lower proportion.

Schools set up young people’s understanding of adult life. We must get it right to work towards a more diverse society.

We're committed to recruiting and supporting the career progression of women in leadership to readdress the balance and improve representation.

"Never have I ever had the opportunity before to meet such like-minded people." – Cassie Lee, Women in Leadership attendee 2023

LGBTQ+ representation 

School is an important time for young people and needs to be a safe space for children to explore and understand all parts of their identity.

It's also a time to learn and accept other identities. That starts with schools creating LGBTQ+ positive communities, including representation in their teachers and leaders.

We’re championing LGBTQ+ people to engage with us, and be part of the generation making a difference to diversity in education.

"The speakers were honest, down to earth and inspiring, it was great to see LGBTQ+ teachers, which I never saw throughout my own education." – Brooke Savage, LGBTQ+ Taster attendee 2023

Neurodivergent representation

This year, we’ve introduced a new Underrepresented Talent Taster for neurodivergent people.

Over 15% of children have a diagnosed special educational need, with many more neurodivergent children remaining undiagnosed.

Yet the percentage of teachers identifying as neurodivergent is significantly below that of the general population.

This means that children are lacking in both representation and lived understanding in their role models.

As well as providing true representation for the young people in our schools, we need neurodivergence in the teaching workforce to create a profession rich in a range of perspectives and creativity.

Who are they for? 

Anyone can apply for our Underrepresented Talent Tasters as long as you want to:

  • learn about the inequalities in education
  • develop your transferable employability skills

In return, you’ll get an opportunity to:

  • try out teaching for yourself
  • network with our partners and likeminded peers
  • get experience with a Times Top 100 graduate employer on your CV

When can I apply? 

Our applications are currently open.

We screen applications on a first come, first served basis, and close applications when each programme fills.

We recommend applying as soon as possible to secure your place.

Apply now

Apply now

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Frequently asked questions


of attendees agree or strongly agree that they’ve developed their employability skills during the programme.

Female teacher looking at the work of two female secondary pupils


Who are Teach First?

We help develop people into inspiring teachers. We’ll support you every step of the way to reach your full potential. Our Taster opportunities are for people who’d like to get a taste of teaching whilst still at university.

Why join our Taster programmes?

Help us change children's lives

Too many young people are missing out on the opportunities they need to succeed at school.

We can and should, do better.

Pupils from low-income backgrounds are less likely to succeed in the classroom and less likely to go on to university or well-paid jobs.

The cycle continues from generation to generation, widening social inequality. It’s a cycle we’re determined to break.

Experience teaching and gain key skills

By taking part in our Taster Programme, you’ll spend two days learning about Teach First and our vision and what it's like to be a teacher.

You'll be developing presentation, communication and networking skills.

Our experts will host sessions to:

  • support your personal development
  • teach you the skills needed to confidently plan and present a mini lesson
  • give you tailored, one-to-one feedback
  • boost your CV with skills that employers are crying out for
Get ahead in selection for our Training Programme

If you decide that teaching is for you, once you’ve finished the programme, you’ll also be fast-tracked through the application for our Training Programme.

Apply now

Apply now

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Frequently asked questions

Female teacher smiling, looking at male student writing in notebook
I hadn’t thought about becoming a teacher because I wasn’t sure how to engage students - but after the Taster, I think I could be one.
Ailsa Quinn,
University of Warwick


Who can apply?  

To apply for our taster programmes you need to be in your first, second or penultimate year of studying for an undergraduate degree. 

The eligibility checklist 

To be eligible to apply for one of our Taster Programmes, you’ll need:  

  • a grade C (or equivalent) or above in GCSE English and maths
  • for your degree or A-levels to meet our Training Programme curriculum requirements
  • to be studying for an undergraduate degree and be in your first, second or penultimate year of study 
  • if you’re in your second or penultimate year of study, to be predicted a 2.1 degree or above (2.2 degrees will also be considered)

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact your recruiter after opening an application. 

Apply now

Apply now

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Frequently asked questions

Participant on our Student Taster


of attendees would recommend the Taster Programme to a friend. 


We screen applications for the Taster Programme on a first come, first served basis and close applications when each programme fills. We recommend applying as soon as possible to secure your preferred dates.

Our Taster Programme online application:

The application form for the Taster Programme has questions about when you’ve shown the competencies we look for in our teachers.

Our recruitment team are on hand to support you. Your recruiter will reach out once you’ve opened an application to give you top tips and advice before you submit.

Our tips for a great application:

  • Take your time and read each question carefully.
  • Take breaks. There’s no need to do it all in one go.
  • Do your research. There’s a lot of useful information about us and our vision on our website.

Structure your answers to competency questions using the CAR framework:

Context: what is the situation and what needed to change?

Action: what did you do and why? Write in the first person (for example, ‘I did’) and be clear about how you demonstrated the competencies.

Result: what positive outcome was achieved? If it was negative, what did you learn? If the result was measurable, show us the numbers.

Base your answers on real-life situations. Give as much detail as you can about what happened.

Check your spelling and grammar! Copy your answers into a Word document and use the spellcheck, but don’t rely on it. Always proofread thoroughly.

Apply now

Apply now

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Frequently asked questions

Male teacher speaking to male primary student in classroom
If there's one key skill I learnt at the Taster, it’s confidence. Confidence that my ideas are relevant and that I can actually have an impact.
Jeremy Porter,
University College London

Our country needs more Black STEM teachers. Help us inspire the next generation.

Read testimonials from people who've tried our tasters.

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