Teach First

We cannot solve the problem of educational inequality alone.

Encouraging innovation in education

Teach First started as an idea, aimed at making education fairer for the UK’s most disadvantaged children. We set up our Innovation Unit to find and nurture other great ideas for solutions to the problem of educational inequality.

While the majority of our ambassadors (people who have completed our two-year programme) choose to stay in teaching, a growing number are using their experience in the classroom to develop new ideas to change the reality of education in the UK.


Watch our video to learn about our work

Each year we work in partnership with a small number of these social enterprises which we believe will make the most difference to the lives of young people from low-income communities in the UK. Through a tailored package of support and advice, we work with them to help accelerate their growth and impact.


How you can get involved

Generate new ideas

You are the 'problem and idea' stage of innovation. Sign up to find out about Innovation Series events in your area, to help you focus on the problem, build a team, develop solutions and launch new projects to address educational inequality.

Help with your idea

You are at the ‘testing and establishing’ stage. View online resources and attend an Innovation Booster to help with the practicalities of setting up. Or apply for our Innovation Award to win funding and support. 

Growing your social enterprise

You are at the ‘sustaining and scaling-up’ stage.We provide tailored support to social enterprises. See who our Innovation Partners are this year, and find out about the application process.

The Teach First Innovation Unit is supported by Bloomberg LP.