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2017 Innovation Award

Meet the winners!

The Innovation Award exists to empower individuals to pursue game-changing ideas that share our goal of a fairer education for disadvantaged young people. The Award will enable up to five social entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality, as each Winner receives six months' salary and an intensive programme of technical training, supportive mentoring and expert advice. This year’s Innovation Award saw a record number of applications from budding entrepreneurs, and after three rounds of judging, we are pleased to announce that the five Winners are:

  • Eve Dickson – Boromi

  • Kerstyn Comley – MeeTwo

  • Laura-Kiran Gill – The Difference

  • Niall Alcock – CPDBee

  • Tom Harbour – Maths with Parents

Find out more about this year's winners!

For information about the 2018 Innovation Award and when applications will open, look out for updates in the autumn.


The five winners will:

Be placed on our Innovation Incubator

Receive £15,000 for a six-month salary

Get desk space in our Innovation Hub

Get professional advice in many areas

Be endorsed by Teach First

Join our social enterprise networks

The support they will receive

There is a huge amount of expert support available to our award winners. Here is what they will be accessing over the next 12 months. 

What winning has meant for me…

Kate Shelley of Tales Toolkit is one of our 2015 Award Winners. Find out what it has meant for her:


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Innovation Award